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I've taken a few Tylenol. No problem while pregnant or breastfeeding.
MrsBone--try Jay Gordon's nightweaning plan (just google it). It's very effective. We nightweaned DD just after her 2nd birthday back in November. Then, over the holidays, we took advantage of all the busy-ness to get her down to where she only nurses first thing in the morning and right before her nap. It was pretty amazing--she was a total boobaholic before then but gave it up really easily. Now when she wants closeness with me she asks to snuggle and I just eat...
I'm getting the 20 week anatomy scan. I personally would not be comfortable birthing at home without knowing that my baby has all of his or her parts in the right places. We refuse all early testing but with this one the benefits far outweigh the risks, IMO, and in the event that our baby has anatomical issues I want my midwife to be able to plan and prepare.
got there today--yay!! waiting for that burst of energy...
14wks and haven't had a midwife appt yet (she's still on her month off). We'll listen when I see her on the 21st.
ugh... I'm 14wks and still feeling ill some days.
I have a sling converted from a Vatanai Teesta (Sleeping Baby, yay!), a Moby, an Ergo, and a fleece pouch. Loved all of them for DD, but she was a winter baby so I don't think the Moby or the fleece pouch will get much or any use before she gets too heavy for them to be comfortable. So I want to get a Kangaroo Korner mesh pouch for summer, and a Storchenwiege (in Ulli) for a fall/winter wrap. And I can't wait to use my Peekaru again! Ooh--I just checked out the K'Tan...
We finally told last night when everyone arrived for Christmas--didn't wait until Christmas day b/c I'm totally showing at 12wks!
I don't think Beatrice will ever hit crazy heights of popularity. Enough people say "ick" in baby name polls to keep it from being an Emily or a Sophia. We call her Bea or Bean. If we end up having our Cora (instead of our Sam) I might call her Coco for a nickname--though I planned on calling Bea "Trixie" and that just didn't stick at all. She's definitely a Bean, not a Trixie!
DD is Beatrice and if #2 is a girl she'll be Cora. I also love Agatha and Edith but DH hates them.
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