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Yes, it's very hard to navigate! Does she have her own website?
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynDoula Sorry this is so difficult. I highly recommend Lea Todaro. She has really helped two clients of mine recently who saw other IBCLCs first but found Lea's help invaluable. 718 450 2694 -- tell her Megan sent you I believe she will do a home visit in Queens and her fee is reasonable. Is she an IBCLC? I didn't see her name on the ILCA site (which is very difficult to navigate).
This is an old-ish thread, but the LIC meeting is convenient to Williamsburg/Greenpoint. It meets at the YMCA on Queens Boulevard and 32nd St on the 2nd Friday of the month at 10:30. You can take the bus over Greenpoint Ave (though I don't know the exact stop, you may need to walk a few blocks) or there's metered parking nearby.
Any IBCLC will be able to help you. You can get contact info for board-certified IBCLCs on the ILCA website (ilca.org). Tamara Joy Hawkins is probably a good choice for you b/c she specializes in NICU & premature baby issues. But Cathy Genna is also fantastic, as is Leigh Anne O'Connor.
I'll take uterine twitches--anything to let me know that things are happening while I countdown the weeks until I can hear the heartbeat
i swear i'm feeling movement at just about 9wks... twice today & once yesterday i felt fluttery bubbles down behind my pubic bone. it felt like the early movements with DD. i think. or it's gas. i won't get to hear the heartbeat until about 17 weeks because my midwife's leaving soon for her month vacation. we got together early this week but we didn't even try to listen b/c of how early it still is. i'll definitely be feeling unmistakable movement by then! but...
we're going to nightwean over thanksgiving, for a number of reasons. today, i brought the subject up with DD. me: how old are you? dd: i two. me: are you a big girl? dd: i a big girl. me: did you know that big girls can sleep all night long without having meemee? dd: yeah. me: when daddy gets back, he'll give you hugs when you wake up and then you'll have meemee in the morning. what do you think about that? dd: okay. i think that went well
Quote: Originally Posted by mamakaryn08 That's the method we used when DS was 18 months. DH works one week on, one week off, so we took advantage of his week off. It worked well for us, although I couldn't have done it being in another room, since it still involves nursing the first few days. Was curious what your plan for that is? I know you said you'll be accelerating it... Since she's older & already aware of what it means to fall asleep...
DD turned 2 today And I had a long talk with DH last night and came to the decision that I would like her to wean during my pregnancy. She's had no limits her whole life and I'm so happy for all the time she's had, but I don't want to tandem nurse for a variety of reasons. I am sad to say goodbye to nursing her, but this is the right decision for us. The first step is that we're going to nightwean her when DH has a week when he's not working. He's a freelancer...
I had an HB in an apartment & it was no problem. Our landlady even lives right below us! You can just tell people "we are laboring at home as long as possible."
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