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I'm nursing my 24mo--can't believe she is turning 2 in a week I'm open to whatever happens. If she starts to self-wean during my pregnancy, I'm inclined to do some mother-leading to finish things off because I'm not 100% gung-ho about tandeming. I think it's totally great & I have friends IRL who have done it, but like someone said upthread I think I might like to be able to focus on the n00b completely. But I won't MLW DD--I don't think I could if I tried! She...
I lost my first pregnancy at 8.5 weeks. I am not as anxious with this pregnancy as I was with DD, but I will be so happy when we hear a heartbeat.
EDD: July 3, 2010 Name: Annie Age: 36 Location: NYC Family (partner, other children, etc): DH John, DD Bea 11/15/07 Gender preferences/inklings: would love another girl but fine with a boy. we will not find out gender until the birth. Names you like: I'm a name junkie but won't be sharing my crazy list until nearer to mid-pregnancy b/c DH will just nix anything he sees now Birth Plans/Preferences: planning our 2nd homebirth Anything else you'd...
Does anyone know of a car service in Albany that provides car seats? I need to get from the train station to a hotel with my 2 year old.
saturday 3.28, 3pm at metro minis i'll have samples of every kind of diaper & accessory for you to check out. i'll talk about laundry, $$ considerations & answer all your questions. and it's free! more info here metro minis 821 Park Avenue (corner of 75th Street) New York, NY 10021 212-313-9600
Quote: Originally Posted by MommyMad I have been contemplating home births but I'm still undecided. I am what is considered AMA (Advanced Maternal Age) at 41 years of age and I've had 2 MC's (one chemical and the other one at 6wks+ with a D&C) Based on those two conditions alone, would a home birth still be viable, or do most home birth midwives steer clear of those situations. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks! You should talk...
metro minis on the ues is doing free cd workshops--could give a gift cert to them & info on the class.
Quote: Originally Posted by yamilee21 I don't know about all the Brooklyn meetings, but I know that meetings will be starting up in the Gravesend area in March. Here is the information: La Leche League of Gravesend Every FIRST Tuesday of the month (Beginning March 3rd) 2:30pm to 4:30pm Gravesend Branch, Brooklyn Public Library 303 Avenue X @ West 2nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11223 the leader for this one is AWESOME.
your story broke my heart--i am so happy for you!!! ::
Quote: Originally Posted by itsajenism TAlso, if there is a concern about Vitamin D... natural sunlight will help (and is far better than drinking milk/taking supplements). Do a google search for "vitamin D from sunlight" and you will find a ton of information. KellyMom link for Vitamin D supplements and breastfeeding: http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/vi...vitamin-d.html my dd was the same--spit food out--then all of a sudden she started...
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