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Awwww... we all have days like that. It sounds like you might need more practice. And I would work on getting him used to facing in on your front. If he's used to it, then he won't fuss so much about it when you are out and about. I hope next time goes better!
As long as baby is happy, then I wouldn't worry too much about it. But if you are looking for alternatives, there are two main strategies that I've found: thinner carriers and/or fewer layers. There are thinner carriers like a cotton Connecta, solar weave Connecta, Freehand MTs, linen slings or pouches. When it comes to wraps, you can either choose thinner wraps or use shorter ones so you have fewer layers around you. Thinner wovens include Bali Baby Breeze,...
Stretchy wraps are very nice for newborns. If you are wanting a buckle carrier, I would consider a Connecta or Beco Butterfly. Either one would last you a long time and would do back carries when you are ready. If you don't mind long straps, then a mei tai might be perfect. I like Babyhawks or Kozys for little ones. What I would probably do is get a mei tai or buckle carrier, then get stretchy fabric at the fabric store and make myself 2-3 wraps from it. With those...
I just found this one too of the secured high back carry (SHBC)... it isn't in English, but it's so well done you could almost do a direct translation. I promise not to pester you with anymore videos LOL I'm sharing them because many find the SHBC to be easier to do than the back wrap cross carry, but I think it was invented by someone on thebabywearer, so it probably won't be on the Didy DVD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMl5C...eature=related
I love wrapping! Once you get over the learning curve, it's very comfy. I know you said you have that DVD.... but for what it's worth, here are a couple of great how-to videos. The best back wrap cross carry video EVER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53sczExGqho And another option I'm betting your DVD doesn't show, the secured high back carry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMxIS68652I Try a few different ways to do it... bribe your daughter with food or...
It depends on whether we are home or not. My baby is almost 2yrs old and isn't worn much at home. But he's worn most of the time when we're out in public. We he was the age of your little one, he was worn a lot more than he is now.
With her being that heavy, I would go for a mei tai, soft structured carrier, or a pre tied woven wrap. Those are all very fast to take on and off. I would want a 2 shouldered carrier, unless I was holding her for a very short time. I can't do 20lbs on one shoulder for very long at all.
I'm not one to tell people to get rid of carriers just to consolidate. I have a fairly large collection myself... But if you want to get your numbers down and don't mind learning to use a rebozo, I think a short wrap is more useful than a ring sling. I do own ring slings and love them, but a rebozo can do all the carries that a sling can do, plus it can do back carries easily (ruck tied under bum). And it also has the advantages of drying faster after being washed...
Check out this link... the directions are better than the Maya's video: http://zolowear.com/Wearing.aspx
If you keep trying, she will eventually learn to like facing in. But she's at a stage that is hard for many babies. There are some that just insist on facing out for a while. With the MT, you could either do a high back carry so she can see over your shoulder, or use a shoelace to cinch the bottom to make it narrow enough for her to face forward. She could also face forward in the kangaroo position in your ring sling. http://zolowear.com/Wearing.aspx
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