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Our daughter would just love receiving a Barbie doll for Christmas, but I just can't get myself on-board with buying one for her. Any ideas on another doll that would satisfy her desire to dress and undress a female form? Thanks in advance, Lydia
I didn't receive a notification that more of you had written. Anyways...I was able to nip this in the bud with unsweetened cranberry juice, AZO, and a product called UT Vibrance Crisis Intervention Formula that contains D-manose. As suggested on the canister, I'll continue with the Formula until it's all gone. We're off to NYC later this week, so I feel reassured with my (yet-to-be-filled) prescription of antibiotics at the pharmacy. If I need it while we're traveling,...
Thanks for your input, ladies. This seems to be a pretty mild case of UTI, if you could even categorize it as that. Just discomfort during urination and frequent urge to urinate. No other symptoms besides that. As of this morning, I'd say that 95% of the discomfort during urination is gone. I'll just have to wait and see if I feel the urge to urinate frequently has been resolved or not. I guess my next question is...How do I know this UTI is over?
I've never had a urinary tract infection before, so I'm not sure how to take the most natural course for remedies. My symptoms started a little over 24 hours ago, and a physician's assitant has confirmed my diagnosis. She wants me to take antibiotics ASAP. I understand that UTI's can lead to kidney problems if left unchecked, but is there anything at all I can do to buy me at least one more day without resorting to antibiotics??? Just to see if I can nip this in the...
We're trying to conceive #2 right now, and I've been looking forward to giving birth again since the day our daughter was born over 3 1/2 years ago. I enjoyed labor and birth so much that I'm actually sad for my husband (since he'll never know what it's like. Although he has no desire to give birth if he had the choice.) It's sad to think that I'll probably only give birth only a couple of times in my life.
Feest -- I just visited the first link you posted. OK, now I get it. The first link is a blog about the video link you also provided. Duh.
Feest -- That second link you posted is scary (haven't looked at the first one yet) -- "Eek!" to say the least. Shave and enema? Best let your doctor decide what is best for you? (None of this is directed toward you. I'm just cringing at what has been and is done as part of hospital protocol sometimes.) Koalove -- I look forward to seeing that video back up soon.
I know that one of us has *got* to have this link. Anybody?
If I replace milk and eggs with other sources of protein, I imagine I'd be missing some components of what milk and eggs specifically offer. Anyone eat according to the Brewer's Diet without the dairy? Thanks, Lydia
Does anyone have the link to that classically awesome YouTube video? The one where the woman is peacefully pushing her baby out in a hospital setting with a smile on her face? It's shot in black and white and probably from the 1970's or so. I originally got the link from an MDC thread, but I just got a new computer, and I don't have my old bookmarks anymore. (Once I locate it, I'll be sure to add it to My Favorites on YouTube, so I don't lose it again.) Thanks, Lydia
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