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If you have had a foster child TPR'd due to non-compliant parents or parents who have abandoned the child, when did it happen?  Did they wait the full year to TPR?  Can they do it earlier?  It just seems a little tedious to wait months and months when no parents are doing ANYTHING at all or are MIA.
I spoke with our case worker and she told me all she knew. She said I would get a report sent to me as well.  Also, she did suggest that I attend all permanency hearings as well.  
This is all new to me and I don't want to make anyone (casa workers, cps workers, ect) uncomfortable by asking questions I have no right to have answered.  So, how much info are we "allowed" to ask for?  Who would I ask about how the hearing went?  Can I know the mom's 'plan' or timeline? Thanks!
I decided to go in and meet her.  The CPS worker kept telling me I didn't have to, she would come out and get the baby, but if I really wanted to that it was up to me.  So, I did go in and the mother seemed very happy to have spoken with me.  I just didn't want to start out with any sort of tension by not talking to her.  I feel like it went very well :)
We are coming up on our fd's first parent visit since removal. I'm stressing out trying to decide if I should go in and meet the mother or not...or should I write a letter and if so what should it say? I'm torn. I want to be a good role model (as our agency puts it) but I don't want to endanger my family either. Maybe see how the first visit goes and if all is well then meet her next time? What do/did you do? I realize this visit is purely for mom and baby and so has...
We just recently received our first foster placement, a newborn.  There are so many unknowns and that is a little more stressful than I anticipated.  We are foster to adopt so it's nerve racking not knowing how long the baby will be here and already getting so attached.  And wow, there is sooooo much paperwork!   All in all, it's going very well though :)
If you had to make a family album for your agency, how did you do it?  Is there software online somewhere?
Okay, rather than try to figure out the "multi-quote" thing I am just going to try and respond to everyone at once.   First of all I in NO WAY am saying "My kid is too smart for school".  I am genuinely concerned that she will have difficulty in a school that cannot work with her "advancedness" (if that's even a word, but I'm getting the feeling it is not politically correct to use the term "gifted" if she hasn't been formally tested).     Second, I am her...
I think it is good to start with the generic answers that "they" theoretically like to hear and then to end with a small bit of personal reason.  For instance, in our homestudy, we gave the obvious "we want to help the vulnerable kids of our community, we love being parents, ect" first.  Then we mentioned that one of my closest friends was raised by foster parents for 14 years of her childhood and want to help kids like her. Also that we have room in our hearts for more...
With just a little over a year until she is supposed to start Kindergarten we are getting nervous about what avenue to take regarding school for our oldest daughter.  She is pretty far ahead in her "academic" knowledge and eagerness to learn.  Her social skills are right on target (not ahead or behind).  He language is incredible for her age and most people assume (because of her language and size) that she is 5 or 6.  She'll be 4 in August.   The other day we had a...
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