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We just got the call that we are officially licensed for foster-to-adopt, legal risk, and matched adoption! Now the real wait begins.  I have heard of people getting placed an hour after getting licensed and then I have heard of those who waited up to a year for their first placement... 
EVERYTHING is done: paperwork, homestudy, finger prints, classes, ect.  So now we're waiting for "verification".  What exactly does that entail and how long did you wait after your homestudy and everything was turned in to be officially licensed and verified foster parents?    Also, how long did you wait for a placement?  I know it's different with many variables, but I'm just wondering what other's experienced.  
Z .Ya, I only have 2 right now and I get comments every once in a while like "oh, two girls? Too bad one of them wasn't a boy. Then you could be done having kids." THAT comment hits me harder than the "why would you want more?" comments. We are adopting so the comments are a little different, still hurtful though.
No we are not cosleeping. She moved to her own bed at 9 months
Sorry it took me so long to update this, but we did end up putting her back to rear facing
Just as a thought to add in here:  If you are not able to have your own child, I would not encourage you to foster.  Foster children are not there to be your baby they are there because THEY need YOU.  If you are looking for love and affection you may not get it.  You may get hate and broken hearts instead.  Many states require at least a year between an infertile diagnosis and foster parenting for exactly this reason.  However, if you have it in you, do it.  If you...
In TX, the baby is allowed to sleep in your room for the first year, but they also want to see that you have a room prepared for when the baby does turn 1.  
Yes, at some point in the night one of us usually ends up in our 3yr old DD's bed.   But we already knew this would end up happening so we just got her a really good full size mattress.  It works fine for us.  We usually wait until about midnight so that we have plenty of Mommy Daddy time ;)
Let me start by saying this is not a new problem.  DD2 (23 months) has never been a good sleeper.  Ever.  She had 2 incredible nights where she slept 8 hrs strait, once at about 9 months and once at about 21 months.  The rest of the time she has been waking up anywhere from 4-10 times a night.  Her 2 year old visit to the doctor is next month and I am considering discussing it with her.  DD already has ECI visits twice a month, but they don't really seem to be helping at...
Nevermind....my original post was written with too much emotion and not enough logic.
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