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I turned DD2 (almost 2 years old and 23 pounds) forward facing so that I could fit a third carseat in for my niece.  Today I went to turn her back around to rear facing and she is NOT having it, even with the DVD player.  So....I think I'm going to leave her FF, is that terrible?   She is pretty tall (35.5 inches) so I think she just really likes having the ability to hang her legs down. I just feel bad because I swore I would keep her RF to the seat limit, but a...
Some of the things we did: -we started meal planning AND made our diet as "whole" as possible.  Turns out whole foods are actually cheaper than anything else :) -We set a limit on how many times we eat out instead of trying to eliminate it (which was making us "binge" out lol) -We called the internet provider and asked if we could get the same special as the "new customers" if we signed a contract (SAVED 43 bucks a month!!!) -We started asking pretty much...
Thank you mamas for being so awesome! This board has been a great help and inspitation for my family. In the las 6 months all of your ideas (plus a few of my own ) have helped us go from having -250 at the end of the month to actually having several hundred left over for savings! So I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
Thanks Aja, we are excited too! We are very impatiently waiting to tell our family until we are done with the homestudy so we will be 'official'. That way if it doesn't work out for some reason at least not EVERYONE has to feel the sad. So, you should feel special to be one of our few friends to know
Thanks Aja. We are working within agency now and I will certainly ask about those details tomorrow. I'm just so anxious that I'm jumping ahead of myself
Thank you that is very helpful! What do you say in the letter? This is relatively new to us, so we don't want to offend anyone and I'm still learning adoption ediquitte.
Thank you for your insight, I really appreciate it!
I think, just like ANY parenting choice, everyone will have their own opinion.  Someone will think you are out right wrong for fostering, some will agree with you all the way.  But the people who really love you and your family will stick by you whether they agree with your decisions or not.  They will get used to the idea and will probably be more supportive than you think. I believe fostering or adopting are a calling that some people just will not understand....
If you did an independent adoption, how did you find the birth mother?  We have found a wonderful agency, but we have also considered trying to do this independently.  So, if you were successful, what worked for you and how long did it take for you to find her? It really seems like a huge undertaking, so of course we are leaning toward the agency, but I am curious to hear from you all.
My husband had a vasectomy almost a year ago after 2 doctors warned us that if I were able to maintain another pregnancy (had 5 miscarriages), I would need to be prepared to do a very early c-section to ensure I survived. I had extensive damage from the 2 babies I had delivered, so another pregnancy would be really risky. The last doctor I saw mentioned that I should consider sterilization. The miscarriages had been very hard on us and then all this was happening so my...
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