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Hahah, Ya, my 3 year old wakes up a time or two EVERY night and ends up in my bed around midnight.  And my 19 month old wakes a MINIMUM of 4 times EVERY night.... Ya just learn to live ;)
Awesome Awesome Awesome! Thanks everyone! I have confidence that we can do this :) I am planning to "feed the freezer" tomorrow!
Thanks! There are lots of great ideas and starting points for us here.  As for questions asked: We are only short by about $250 per month, so realistically, if we could just cut out the eating out we should be just fine.  It is just so hard to actually do.  I know our parents would (and Have in the past) pay for us, but we HATE it.  Let me repeat, HATE IT.  For many reasons.  So, I really like the idea of having an eating out budget, maybe we can save our eating out...
I am a SAHM and Student.  I was watching kids in my home up until a couple weeks ago which fixed our $ issues but for several reasons, that did not work out.  So, it looks like we are going to have to really cut where we can in our budget.  I don't even know where to start.  I guess I am just looking for inspiration (because it seriously seems impossible to me) and some ideas to get us headed in the right direction. I'll ask a few questions and feel free to add more...
My 15 year old cousin had her baby yesterday afternoon and has decided to breastfeed . She is working and still going to high school at the "alternative" school so she can go at night. She is planning to pump for the baby when she is at school and work. I am worried this is going to be a big challenge for her. Any advice or BTDT stories? I plan on taking a pump to her soon, she doesn't have one and she nor I can afford a new one so I am parting with mine . How soon...
my husband always takes over the nights whenever the baby starts to night wean . Before that it's usually all me except on occasions when I'm super sleep deprived. We night weaned DD1 at 10 months and dd2 just recently at 17 months
I work at home watching other children during the day. I also make and sell baby items here and there, but the bulk of my income comes from daycare. Anyway, I just really HATE being stuck in my apartment all day... everyday. We do go outside and play with sidewalk chalk and the slide and such, but I mean I hate not GOING anywhere. It is getting to a point I'm almost depressed being at home so much. I love being able to be home with my girls, but I hate that I can't...
Generally, the fewer disruptions the better. However, daycare teacher turnover is SO high that it may end up being just as bad keeping them there since teachers will come and go so much (plus switching classes at the age limits will be rough). Personally, I would recommend finding a nanny with a stable work history (ie worked for the same family longer than 1 year)
Thanks for all the replies. We are not sure if we will be moving or not. If we do, I feel pretty confident we will be okay. Our support system is isn't all that stellar to begin with, but at least we have something. I'm glad I have some idea of what to expect if it does happen, thanks mamas!
Thanks so much!
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