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My employer is giving me 2 weeks off, but I get to take the baby to work with me when I go back (I am a nanny). And my husband does not get any time off. He will call in the day I am actually having the baby, but we can not afford for him to miss more than that one day. We are both working college studens and he delivers pizza, so no paid time off.
[QUOTE=artgoddess;8902430]I looked at your other post, and see you are due the 10th. What were the medical reasons your doctor gave you behind induction? did you have an NST with ultrasound that showed low fluid? Is the baby moving? Do you have high blood pressure or some other issue? I am severly anemic and the baby's heart rate is getting to high at times. It was in the 210's part of the day yesterday at the hospital. They brought it down and let me go home...
So I have been planning on doing things as naturally as possible for labor, but now I am overdue and the doctor said it would be best to induce on Saturday the 18th if I don't have the baby before then. He said he will start by breaking my water. I am really scared. I don't know what to expect. Everyone keeps telling me that an induced labor is much much more painful and almost impossible to get through without pain meds. This is really dissapointing. Any stories or...
This is my first. We found out it is a Girl! I was due August 10th but no baby as of yet. My doctor wants to induce on August 18th by breaking my water..... I am terrified to be induced! We'll see how it goes.
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