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If someone has malignant carcinoid cancer and is treated only by surgeries to remove tumors, can she breastfeed? And if she had breastfed for 18 months while unknowingly living with cancer, is the child at risk? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks.
If you have ever moved far away with toddlers, how hard was it? (On you and them). If you left family and friends behind, was it super hard on the kids or did they adjust quickly? And if you happen to have gone from have quite a bit of support to little or none, how was that? Any stories or input would be great. Thanks!
We nightweaned our 18 month old about a month ago, but she still wakes up about 4 times every night. Does this mean she still needs to nurse or is it maybe just habit at this point? And if we keep the nursing out of bedtime, how do I keep her in my bed without nursing. We moved her to the crib for the whole night and honestly I just don't feel right about it, but I don't know how else to keep her from nursing.
thanks mamas. I actually hadn't had time to get back and read all the replies, but I ended up doing exactly what you guys said anyway It only took a few days of SUPER-love and he is a totally different kid! He is very excited to come and plays well now, but he really doesn't want to go home when his parents arrive now though
Does anyone know anything about dwarf frogs? We got one for the fish tank about 2 months ago and he's been fine until all the sudden today he is just floating on the top of the water with his nose up to breath. I called petsmart and the guy said he never heard of anything like that but that when they die they sink and turn upside down. Anyone know anything???
Butter no, but vegan butter probably.
If any of you are super-busy mama's with little wiggle room in the calender like I am, you'll be happy to know you CAN workout! I know I'm not the only one out there doing this, so if you 'workout' using your kids pitch in some ideas! Here's what I do on a regular basis: Flying Kids (low)- Lay on your back, bring your knees up toward your chest. lay child on your legs belly to shin. Pump your legs out and in so the kid can "fly" forward and backward. Great for the...
Trans fats can be addicting and really anything processed can form habits. The chemicals that are released in your brain when certain food are eaten are what make them addicting. Just like anti-depressants. At least that's what my Nutrition Professor said. You need fat, but you can make the majority of it come from polyunsaturated fats so that it's not so addicting.
We are all about the Britax here Love 'em. DD2 is 17 months and is RF in her Marathon and DD1 is 3yo and is now in her new Frontier. They just feel more "heavy duty" to me than most other brands and their customer service is awesome. They also seem much more comfortable for the kids than other seats we have used.
I'm right there with ya mama. It's a rough time, but thinking of what our future will be like keeps me going. I am taking 2 very intense classes in the evening, plus I babysit 3 extra toddlers on top of my two girls during the day. Oh, and I have the flu on top of everything else. Last night I stepped out of my Anatomy and Physiology class to get a sip of water, put some water on my face to wake up and cool down a bit and then I stepped outside and breathed the fresh...
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