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I babysit a little boy who is physically punished at home/with other babysitter. He is only 16 months old, but he reenacts this physical violence on my children and then thinks it is hilarious. I have 2 issues here: First, my kids are learning violent actions and hurting each other now. Second, I can not discipline this boy effectively. So is there a way to get my kids to understand that what he does and what his parents do to him is unacceptable? I am trying...
Quote: Originally Posted by blumooned DS has only had 1 pair of shoes & it's time for his next set. I bought the first pair online & love them. I could just buy the same brand again online in the next size, but I'd kinda like to look at the other options. Where (what stores) do you go to shoe shop for a toddler? I looked today at some kids' clothing stores & they only had their own brands of shoes & were either too big (for older kids) or too small...
DD1 (3) labels things as dead or alive...kind of on the same basis of your LO's real and not real rules. I just watch and answer questions when they arise. I try not to interfere because I think she's trying to rationalize it in her mind and I don't want to confuse her further, lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs-Mama ... so they both get a treat when DD goes on the potty. It's working out kind of nice because now DS encourages/reminds DD to go on the potty Ah ha! What a great idea!!!
DD1 (3 yrs) got rewards for going potty and keeping her panties dry back when she was potty training, but now that she's potty trained we haven't done that in about 7-8 months. DD2 (17 months) is now starting to use the potty and, although she is doing great on her own, I thought I would use the reward system again since it helped speed DD1 along. DD2 thinks this is just awesome and has been keeping her panties dry all day However, now DD1 thinks she needs a reward...
DD1 just turned 3 and is in size 5 shirts and size 4/5 dresses and pants. She wears toddler size 9.5 or 10 shoes. She is 37.5 pounds and 40 inches tall. DD2 is 17 months old and wears size 9 months onsies and shirts and 12 months pants and dresses (they are too big around but she has long legs so we pin or roll the waist, lol). She is 20.6 pounds and 33 inches tall. She wears size 3 and 4 shoes (tiny feet).
I use a second toothbrush to get in there while they 'brush' themselves. And when we are done, if they cooperated, they each get a coin to put in the penny bank.
I took my girls when the older one was 2 (last year) but only because her older cousin wanted to go. She had fun but we threw most of the candy away and she was totally exhausted from being up too late. And her cousin ended up wandering off with his friends, so it was pretty pointless and she doesn't remember it. So I think it's fine if you wait until she's older.
DD2 cut 8 teeth at the same time and it was ROUGH! We used teething tablets during the day and ibuprofen or tylenol at night. Plus she nursed pretty much all day and night for 10 days.
Quote: Originally Posted by texmati is this in us or canadian currency? us
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