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thats great! I have PCOS (and triplets!! :p ) and its no fun. I hope that #5 decides that the right time is SOON. :)
I have G/B twins that are 8, and B/G/B triplets who are 14 months. 
I'm sorry SwanLake. I hope it goes as well as can be expected. 
I use a ktan for my newbies, because I like the support better. Once they get to be 4/5 months I switch to a SSC (like an Ergo, but I have a Boba). 
When we first got it we had it in a 2/3/4 line up because our triplets were in baby seats so we removed that seat so we could climb in easier while holding an infant seat. At that point our stroller was a triple stroller frame so fit easily in the approx 1.5 inches of room behind the fourth row (haha, I am not kidding either, there is sooooo little room). Once they went into convertible seats we went to a 3/ 3/ 2 config so we had more cargo room for the bigger...
My preemie newborn got pertussis about a year ago. She was about 4 weeks actual, 36wks GA adjusted when she got it. We absolutely did the z-Pack for her and you ABSOLUTELY did the right thing by giving him those. We did SA in her and her siblings (she is a triplet) bottles for about a month+ after and for her until her cough went away. Its not called 'the 100 day cough' for nothing, it easily took 3+ months to clear.    I wont share any more of my/her story because it...
I really dont know, but I think I am going to say Boy. For no other reason than I am drawn to boys names right now. 
I owne the NV, if you have any questions. :) 
No, but already deep in the trenches of trying to find one. I am baby name obsessed and freely admit that I overthink it wayyyyy too much. I will fall in love with a name and then always manage to find some reason not to use it, nothing is ever perfect enough. I used to think that I would love to have 10 kids so I could name them all, but now I HAVE 10 kids and naming them isnt fun!! :( I put way too much pressure on myself. 
Im sorry atmommy. :( 
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