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I have a new symptom (I think?) that I have never had before. My legs (specifically my hips and thighs) are so so sore. But not really in a painful way, more like in a sort of radiating numbness way. It makes them feel all googly and weak- its basically exactly like when you have a flu and your muscles are achey and sore.    Anyone else? Is this normal? I am only 5-6 weeks so I cant see how its a size thing yet. Or least I HOPE not or I will be in a wheelchair in a...
Surprise. My previous 8 children were from high tech fertility treatments. 
  Of course!!! 3, 4, 24, doesnt matter. Even wishing, planning or hoping for a large family. I think we're all a welcoming bunch. :) 
Ignore me. Sorry. Posted in wrong thread. 
HIIIIII!!!!! You and I are going to be buddies, I can tell already. :p    I have triplets who are 13 months, they are my 7th, 8th and 9th. When I was 12 weeks I was absolutely terrified and beside myself and probably still in deep and very unhealthy denial so I definitely understand that and want to tell you one thing:    Its going to be good. ITS GOING TO BE GOOD. No one would tell me that, and I googled my butt off and not one person said that and it was all....
Im not telling ours just yet. Normally they are all about another baby but actually this morning my 7 year old told me that she didnt think we should have any more babies "because we have enough" which made me super sad and a little nervous about telling them.    Regardless, we are going away with my IL's next weekend and I know the kids will tell them the *second* we arrive if they know. Since we are not planning on telling them for many, many, many months that...
Thanks Lidamama!! Nice to have you here, congrats on your pregnancy. :)
Im struggling with this a little bit already. I never thought I would say that about being pregnant, either.    We thought our triplets would be our last babies and at the start of this year I began a rigidly strict diet and exercise regime to lose weight. I have lost about 40lbs but my eating has changed dramatically. I am so used to eating extremely low fat, very low carb etc now that the idea of not doing it feels wrong. I am hoping that as time goes on my mindset...
Well, looks like I am joining. After 8 babies from IVF and being under the (proven and valid) impression that I was totally annovulatory, apparently #10 wanted its way in. I am due late April. To say this is a shock is the understatement of the century. It hasnt really hit me that I will have 4 under 2 (the triplets will be 21 months if all goes well.....) but I think thats going to be hard when the panic sets in. :(    But Im glad to be here. xxx
#10 for us here. :) Our kids are aged 11, 8, 8 (twins), 7, 5, 3, and 1, 1, 1 (triplets). :) 
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