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Hi everyone.    I am a tail-ender of April 2014, due in the last week. This will be baby #10 for us and is QUITE the surprise. Our younger 8 children are from IVF and since we have been told for a decade that I am totally annovulatory (severe PCOS) and unable to get pregnant alone we were shocked to see those bright pink lines! We feel very blessed.    This is my sixth baby to be born in a MDC due date group and I just LOVE the community and support we have here....
I have two. I use the first for our every day food, milk thats open, etc. The other has all the surplus food and stuff for meal plans that are a while away. :) 
Psshh Cynthia me too! Whats just one more?!?!?! :p 
Here are the triplets now. This was taken a few days far their first birthday on 7/24. it's great to see everyone's babies now!
About 5 years.    But I feel like I should get extra credit for triplets. Every day of that pregnancy felt like a trimester, I swear. 
This is truly sad, but one of the biggest reasons I wouldnt have #10 is because my mother would be absolutely devastated. She was delighted when I had DC1, then when I had the twins she said it was enough and every time since then she has gone more and more upset. She claims its do to with being worried for me and the children, wanting me to be less stressed, etc etc. And maybe it is. But its still very upsetting. And we actually (apart from this) get along incredibly...
Haha Tara I enjoyed that post!! Welcome to Moms Of Many!    Personally, we felt that "in for a penny, in for a pound" attitude when we had four. Because what difference was 5 than 4? Then whats one more? Then we had six and thought "Hey, lets have JUST ONE MORE" and that one more was three more. And now, even though I have 9 under 11 for crying out loud including 4 under 3, I have that feeling starting to creep in "well whats the difference between nine and ten...
I dont really have a definitive faith, no. At least not one you can search by category in the phone book. ;) Mainly because most (not all) religions wildly conflict with my staunch uber liberal pro-everything lifestyle. I do have a belief in a higher being and strongly believe in many different things and ideas, I pray etc. But nothing strict or compartmentalized.    Sometimes I am envious of people who do though, it must be very reassuring in a lot of ways. I have...
Haha I was just about to say that!! I was thinking how you managed to have 8 kids in 4 years. :p But I then I had 5 kids in 4 years soooooo..... I thought you might be another multiple multiple mom. :D
I drive a Nissan NV. The gas mileage is horrid. :p But what made a big difference was trading in our second car (formerly a Prius) for a small suv. It means than when I have <7 kids with me I can take that, which happens a surprising amount. Especially since we dont homeschool so 9 months of the year I dont need a 12 passenger (12mpg) bus to be hauling 4 small children to the park. 
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