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i have a place for everything. And, I think the biggest 'secret' of all is not to have ANYTHING you dont need. I cannot stand clutter and get twitchy when my surfaces arent clear. It just makes everything else run far more smoothly and efficiently when there isn't any extra stuff hanging around. 
Congratulations!!! I hope you have a blessed nine months, mama!
I'm sure its a question a lot of us have been asked, and if you're anything like me it might be something you struggle with. I am SO envious of mothers and families that "knew" one way or the other- whether that was being totally done at 2, 4, 12 etc and choosing not to grow your family any further, or knowing that you would keep going until you couldnt have any more.    I am very much having a hard time with this lately. And to be honest, most of the worry and...
Wow JoyfulChaosMom! Impressive!! So nice to have everyone here. :) 
How are you doing, mama? I am a triplet Mom and mine are almost 11 months now. There are some trip Moms on MDC but sometimes they are few and far between (and BUSY!).    Just wanted to see how you were traveling as your pregnancy progresses. Hope all is well. 
Like herding turtles. :)
Well I have triplets and twins, and thats what gets the CRAZY comments more than the actual number.    I got more comments when I had 4/5/6 than now. I think now people just treat us as so insane that they leave us alone. :p
Of course! Welcome!
Yep, I think 4 is considered the bridge child between regular and super sized!! :)    Congratulations on your surprise #4, Kaireece!! If it helps, by the time we had three, adding #4 was a breeze. They just fell into the chaotic routine we already had going on! I hope its an easy transition for you. :)
Hi All,    Im so excited to have a group for Moms (and Dads!) of many children! I'm one of the co-leaders for the group, so if you have any problems in this group please let me know.    Otherwise, I am Nikki. I have 9 children: a 10 year old son, girl/ boy twins who are 8, a daughter who is 6, a daughter who is 5, a daughter who is 3 and last year I had boy/ girl/ boy triplets who will be 1 next month. My husband is military and we are currently mid-move from VA...
New Posts  All Forums: