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Thanks Cynthia! :) 
I would love to join and am happy to co-lead with someone if needed.....
Im so sorry you are both going through this. I hope you get to the bottom of it ASAP and your baby girl is home with you soon. Sending strength to you, mama!
I have twins and triplets and 4 singletons. I would never had suspected twins until at least 18+ weeks. I have been sicker, bigger and more exhausted with one baby than 3.    Oh, and I never measured bigger until the second trimester. Two grains of rice (or skittles, or even grapes) arent going to make your uterus measure very much bigger than one. Its when there is two oranges and soccer ball sized babies that I was way bigger. :)
Oh AnyaRose they are STUNNING!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
They are big! Clover is 11lbs and the boys are 12lbs each!!! INSANE!! Doing really well, just busy but happy. :)
Beautiful babies everyone!! Here is one I took of the triscuits this morning. :)     
I think it's a really good idea. I will keep everything crossed you don't need it, but on the small chance you do, I think it will be much less scary and overwhelming if you at least know what it look like etc. Also, it will give you a chance to Find out what you might need to put in a care plan or consent form.
I am a happy non-vaccinator and wont be changing my mind on that. But the only thing that kind of bothers me about the many articles you post on pertussis is when these experts say that pertussis isnt really serious or is 'non-fatal'. Honestly, I am living with a newborn who has pertussis and she came >this< close to death. A few times, actually. I am not saying that to be melodramatic, I'm saying it because when 'experts' start an article being flippant about WC, I...
  Thanks everyone!! Emaya, they were both 4'14, I dont know down to the grams though. They only had one placenta between them. Earlier in the pregnancy they couldnt see if it has fused or was actually one, but when they delivered they said they couldnt see any signs that it had fused and decreed it as one single placenta. Did your boys look identical in looks from day one? We can very easily tell them apart but no one else can. To me they look very different. I know we...
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