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I'm certainly not saying that you are being silly for worrying about this, at all. But dont worry about it. I didnt think of this at all with my twins because they are b/g. But the triplets I did, especially when we didnt know if the boys were ID (still don't) and because I had assigned names to them based on their birth order and in utero personalities. And because at the 20 week scan they were flagged for all kinds of 'problems' that were either going to be nothing at...
I have triplets!! Mine are about 11 weeks now, BGB. I definitely remember that terror and confusion early on, it was such a mind blowing time. I would say it took until about 20+ weeks before I came to terms with it all.    My pregnancy went very well, actually. No complications, not even any PTL. I carried them to 33 weeks (went into labor naturally at that point) and they were 4'14, 4'10 and 4'14. They spent 17, 23 and 36 days respectively in the NICU (B- our...
My A, B (and A, B, C with the triplets) never moved and always stayed in their designated places. And were all born in the correct order. :)
Awesome news!! Welcome to the world, David! :)
She is gorgeous and I love the name!! Congratulations!
Congratulations, mama!!! Welcome Cameron. :)
BEAUTIFUL name. Congratulations mama!! 
Congratulations on your sweet baby James. I hope his jaundice clears up soon and you are recovering well. :)
Great name, I love Benjamin.... congratulations on your gorgeous new boy!
Wonderful! Congratulations mama and welcome sweet baby boy!
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