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Love the name! Congrtulations mama and welcome baby Wilhemina!
Great birth story!! Congratulations!
Thinking of Maya and you. Congratulations on a beauitful daughter!
Welcome Brendan! Congratulations, mama!
Congratulations on a beauitful birth and baby! 
She is gorgeous! Congratulations!
Congratulations, mama!! Welcome to the world, Thomas. :)
  Thanks for asking. :) No one else came down with it, even the baby boys. I did start treating with sodium ascorbate (they wouldnt 'let' me give it separately in the NICU so I added it to my pumped BM that I was bringing in) for everyone so maybe that has a lot to do with it.    Oh, since this post she was readmitted- I was right about feeling like she wasnt ready to come home. She fairly rapidly downward spiralled, and then late on tuesday the 4th she once again...
Love love love the name! Congratulations mama and welcome darling Canaan. :)
WONDERFUL! COngratulations mama, thats awesome! Welcome baby boy. :)
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