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Amazing birth story! Welcome to the world, Jonah! Congratulations mama. x
Only one, pertussis. But to be fair she contracted it at about 3 weeks old so even if I was a militant vaxxer she wouldn't have got dtap yet. It was a severe case and almost took her life, but she is a preemie and was small and fragile to begin with.
Amazing birth story!! I am so happy everything edned up ok and that you avoided that c/s! Congratulations, mama! Welcome to the world, gorgeous girl!
COngratulations mama!! Welcome to the world, sweet baby. :)
She is gorgeous! Congratulations, mama. :)
Hospital c/s G10/P9/A2 tripletA 33+0 4'14 male   Hospital c/s G10P9A2 tripletB 33+0 4'10 female   Hospital c/s G10P9A2 tripletC 33+0 4'14 male
Awwww... she is gorgeous! Welcome to the world, Harper. 
Congratulations, mama!!! And WOW on such a big boy- good job! Welcome to the world, darling boy!
Gorgeous photos! Congratulations mama. Welcome to the world, Alexandria. 
Congratulations AvasMama! Welcome to the world Brody. :) 
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