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Mitten warmers and pecans got made. I gave up on the rest...but I've been working on the scarf while my kids and husband play with their new toys all day today. The cleanser will just show up at some point after the holidays.   All in all, it wasn't a total fail But I really shouldn't have procrastinated as much as I did the last few weeks. I could have had it all done if I hadn't been such a slacker...next year!
Nope! It's Christmas Eve and I'm still sewing and knitting frantically. I've got mitten warmers, a scarf, citrus scrub cleaner, and candied pecans to make. I made chili salt last night (or as I like to call it, powdered napalm) and nearly died from the ground chili dust. I procrastinated so much that I'm too far behind to catch up... *sigh*
THANK YOU! I love what the FlyLady is trying to do, but I couldn't get past a lot of her cheery, sun shines out my butt, cutesy attitude. I can't wait to explore this link further - as soon as I get my lovely little hellions tucked into their very unmade beds...
Time to dig out my copy and re-read it. I remember reading it the first time and being so invigorated about what I was doing in my life as a stay at home mother of two wee ones (not so wee now!!). I think it'll be next on my reading list...now to muddle through my current book! I'll be back!!
Me too, please? Just inherited a dozen pillowcases and I have a little girl who loves dresses!
Apparently I need to keep a closer eye on this thread! I missed a good opportunity!   Anyone in Maine or NH with the pox lately? Willing to travel and we'll bring food!
Shared and subscribed!   I'd like to see some blogs about how to integrate younger siblings into homeschooling activities, as well as enriching projects to give them to do when you need to distract them from the older child's fun HSing activities.
About two weeks ago, my daughter suddenly started refusing to go anywhere with her father or I. Doesn't seem like that abnormal, does it? What makes it extremely worrying to me is that before that, she never had any issue with going to friends' houses - heck, she'd occasionally even sneak out of the house to go play outside!   She has always been EXTREMELY social, eager to go new places and meet new people. She is incredibly smart for her age and we have a network of...
I don't know about that...I've heard heroin is easier to quit than yarn...    Okay, so as soon as the weather warmed up, I was outside ALL. The. Time. I managed to make the homemade vanilla and I made a green batik apron with yellow "racing stripes" for my son. He loves to wear it. I've done some more crafty stuff, but not for gifts...unless I can count them as gifts to myself?    *sigh* Where has this year gone? I have 6 months left to figure out what to make people for...
The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon - my favorite series   I just finished Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver - very happily surprised by how good it was.
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