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70's style roller disco
Quote: Originally Posted by Astoria Certainly not harder than having to clean up after a dog. LOL That's why we don't have a dog!!! ...um, maybe cloth diapers are too much for us - but I'm determined to do them.
Quote: Originally Posted by funfunkyfantastic Hehe, while you're at it, you could grab a pair of trekking poles with snow baskets and walk with those to keep stabilized. I was actually thinking of his ice axes to help climb over the fifteen foot snow piles (I'm NOT exaggerating, either!) It's crazy! I heard from Channel 6 weathermen that we've gotten over 14 feet of snow this season...
Hope you're all right Cristina. I was rather mad at myself too, just for being so darn clumsy and accident prone anyways, but I think the majority of my anger was with the people we hire to plow the parking lot and walkways. Hope everyone else is alright, and that you made it through yet another 12 inches of snowfall on Saturday... PLEASE let winter be over:
I'm about ready to strap on DH's ice climbing crampons - the things that go on the boot bottoms with the 2 inch spikes all over...
I can totally feel it when I lie on my stomach, but because of some excessive "fluff" around my lower tummy, I'm not feeling it when I prod my stomach while lying on my back. It feels like I'm lying on a tennis ball or something hard and roundish...I love it!
I'm so fed up with snow!!! Another 12 inches here yesterday, and when I got to work, they still hadn't plowed or shoveled. I wear Yak-Traks, which are basically stretchy rubber wire-covered grippers that fit over your shoes to give you lots of extra traction on snow and ice. I'm accident prone anyways, so these things have been a lifesaver! So anyways, I walk from my car to the side door, which is for some reason locked. So I start walking to the main entrance when I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alcyone I wrote you a poem you can chant to yourself. My baby will be healthy. My baby will be good. My baby will have nothing bad, but everything it should. POSITIVE THINKING! Thank you so much. I have written it out and will be taping it to my monitor at work and another on the front of my baby journal at home. That's so sweet of you!! :
Don't feel bad about not eating healthy - my breakfast this morning was a bag of cheetos and a vitamin water. but it was so good
Quote: Originally Posted by frontierpsych I went out to a Chinese resteraunt last night with DH and some friends, and that was the fortune in my fortune cookie. Eerie, no? LOL, I got one last week that said that a happy life in just in front of me...I'm not sure it meant literally though!
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