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Vote for a disana group buy
Awesome accomplishment wolfmom!! Congrats mamatoabunch!! I'm waiting for Anthony to arrive but he seesm to be very comfortable in there.
My dd 8 years old wears a veil. It is a decision that she made on her own. She started last year and she would wear a hat or her favorite bonnet to Mass every week. I didn't realize she was "veiling" until a a few months into it when she got sad that she had left her hat at home on Sunday. My dh picked up a veil for her at a homeschool fair and she wears that now (it fits in her pocket.). When I asked her about it she said that she did it because Jesus was there and...
: Glad your dh got the job.
Wolfmom- A triathlon. That is just so awesome. Please let us know how it goes. I'm so pregnant right now I have to live vicariously through you. Although I am looking forward to getting back into a workout routine after the babe is born. I'm still kickboxing about once a week which must look very funny but everyone is supportive. sarahsmiles- Congratulations! I used my sling and I even switched to a church with a crying room for daily Mass. I was the only one using...
I keep losing my posts. Computer burps or something. Anyway here goes a shorter version. Unless you have the kind of relationship where you talk about faith, I would pray for their conversion. Maybe at a later date you can plant the seed about having the marriage convalidated if that applies.
Just call the priest I am sure he would be wiling to accommodate you. My friend said that she visited a parish in Fl. and they only offered confession twice a year. I can't even imagine that.
I have the same issue and my son is a voracious reader. It's hard to keep up. I''ve had friends give us old children's books. Some from the early 50's but reprints of stories writtten even earlier. These books are age appropriate but use more difficult and at times archaic language. My ds really enjoys them.
[QUOTE=jest;13971517I find it much easier to look at the information if I have it in print in front of me with a cup of tea, lol.[/QUOTE] LOL! I know I'm still waiting for the catalog I think they may have had issues getting those printed on time. I would e-mail and see if they are finally out. There were several aspects of Seton that I did like. I understand completely why so many families use it: -every subject is taught from a Catholic perspective. I didn't have...
Our family had our experiences with a "Waldorf inspired" homeschool group a few years ago. As I read these posts, I recognize some of the patterns. Luckily, our involvement was short lived but I did learn that there was no room for dissent in Waldorf system. Please keep posting!! There are so many parents that are attracted to the Waldorf esthetic and they really need to know more about the beliefs behind the movement before getting involved. Our experience was...
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