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I get tons of compliments about my son's Goodbyn, but now he doesn't want to use it everyday, and so we're using my lunchbag for him.  I'd love to get him a new insulated bag along with these (http://www.reuseit.com/store/%C2%A0humangear-gotoob-mini-reusable-container-p-1934.html) for his yogurt and these (http://www.reuseit.com/store/lunchskins-sandwich-p-1883.html) for his sandwich, veggie chips, etc.   (And I already like you both on FB.  :o) )
I wish I could help you out more, but right now I only have a 2.5 year old, so my info is centered there. There is a splash pad in downtown Sanford that is also attached to a park, so the older ones can hang out at the park/playground while the younger ones run wild in the splash park. I think it's $2 a child. There's also a splash pad in Avalon Park that is next to a park/playground, and that one is free, but it's supposed to be for residents only. If you're not a...
I have a 2.5 year old DS plus my 3.5 and 1.5 year old nephews who all need the pox, so count me in if someone's got it!
I know I'm way late, but we go to the Franz Center and love it. We don't vax at all, and it's not an issue. They'll help you make/coordinate a vax schedule if you want one. They don't jump to antibiotics for everything, and believe in a healthy balance of traditional and western medicine. I love it there. They even recognized and commented on the cloth diapers DS was wearing. They won't mess with DS's foreskin. My son is circed, and it was messed up. Our last...
I'm trying to find a good DHA supplement for my nearly-one-year-old DS, hopefully one that I can pick up at Whole Foods/Chamberlin's/Vitamin Shoppe/etc. I'm getting so confused about algeal vs CLO, amounts, etc. I'm looking for something that I can slip into DS's sippy cup in the morning along with his multi. Any reccomendations? Thanks!
I can't believe it. I started tearing up earlier when I realized that it was Dec 1. DS's party is Saturday, on his birthday. I'm working tonight and tomorrow night, Disney on Thursday, party on Saturday, SIL's baby shower Sunday. I think I'll be busy enough this week to be thankful that I have a toddler as opposed to sad that he's not a baby anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by appleaday i too cannot believe that the little ones will be 1 next month. I already started planning his Bday party which will have a rubber ducky theme! anyone else have any themes for their little ones bday?????? Our theme is Baby Einstein. He has tons of the books and toys, and it's pretty much the only time I let him watch TV, and that's even really rare. He loves the duck and the dragon. )
I'm back from not being on here since G was born (way to take almost a year, right?). G-man runs everywhere, climbs everything and eats everything else. He's a monster. He won't stay out of the dogs' water bowls, so we're getting him and sand and water table for his birthday. For everyone giving their little ones cake on their birthday, what are you going with? Like, just a normal cake, a low sugar cake, etc? I can't decide. Part of me says just let him go...
So, DS's birthday is coming up quickly, and I need to find a recipe for his mini-cake that he gets to destroy. Anyone have a good recipe for something tasty, low in sugar, okay for a one year old and that possibly uses whole wheat flour? I've got a chocolate cake in mind (his cake is a teddy bear, the one for the party is a sitting chocolate teddy bear with homemade chocolate frosting, using an old family recipe - it's the same cake I always had growing up), but I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by chlobo Hot dog. Can you send me the link to the website? Can I get on your mailing list? Ditto!
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