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Refrigerated olive oil or coconut butter  
I try to avoid cocoa powder because I'm sensitive to caffeine so I mix coconut butter/manna with liquid vanilla stevia and freeze and it is oh so good
Sounds a lot like my birth. I woke up and had a couple bearable contractions, then a couple VERY painful ones, and then I was in transition. My MW came and I was waiting to push. I didn't get to use my birth tub either but I am glad I had such a fast, easy labor!
Oh Jamie, Congratulations on your perfect homebirth. I am praying for Avonlea's fast recovery and hoping she is home very soon. Please keep us updated!
Congratulations Emily! Love the name you choose and would to hear more of your birth story!
Thank you all for the well wishes. I have no advice for a fast labor except that I was squatting and/or on my knees during the entire time (which was only an hour and a half). I honestly believe that staying upright makes labor a lot shorter.
Here was my prediction: Wildecat - DD 12/08 ~ GD 12/06 ~ 8lb 02oz ~ 22 in ~   Here is my actual info.   Alexander was born 12/6 (I was right!) weight 8lbs, 1oz (almost!) 20.5 " long  
Alexander Lee Thomas was born on 12/6 at 8:08 a.m. I woke up at 6:30 a.m with a couple of VERY strong contractions. I called my Midwife and told her to come RIGHT AWAY. When my MW arrived at 7:50 I was already at 10 cm and ready to push! Alexander was born after about 15 minutes of pushing and was perfectly healthy at 8lbs, 1 oz and 20.5" long. We were supposed to have a waterbirth but when my husband tried to start filling the tub at 7:00a.m our water heater exploded...
Had my 39 week appt today. BP perfect as well as all over levels. Birthtub set up and all supplies ready. I have been constantly cleaning my house because he could come at any time!
Please keep us updated! thinking of you....
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