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Quote: Originally Posted by splath Here is me last week at 20 weeks while picking blueberries: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...a&id=503386429 Awe, you are adorable
Quote: Originally Posted by wholewheatchick I am about 5'7" inches and prepregnancy, I think I weighed 134.5. I hadn't weighed myself since Christmas, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was. Since I have a normal BMI, my target weight gain is 25 - 35 pounds. As of 3 days ago at 21 weeks, I had gained 9.5 pounds total. My friend who is CNP says that her OB dr. she works for tells women that you should gain 1/3 of the weight by 20 weeks. So I...
I am obessed with huge veggie salads with lots of avacado and turkey. Also, plain celery sticks to snack on any type of fruit
I feel kind of embarrased because I have a lot of wraps here. I am a babywearing addict and obsessed with Thebabywearer.com where I I find too many good deals that I can't resist So far we have an Ergo, Beco, Moby, slinglings pouch, and a bunch of other woven wraps (mostly Didymos)
Quote: Originally Posted by cindyleed Do you know what you're having? That looks like such a perfectly round bump and the rest of you looks teeny! I would guess boy, but then again you never know. You are right, it is 100% boy
22 weeks: http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m..._2463640_n.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by mistymama I'm crazy excited, if you couldn't tell. I was trying to decide between a babyhawk and an ergo - but I happened to be at bye bye baby yesterday with my Mom and Dad, and turns out the Ergo sales rep was there doing training with the store employees. He saw me checking out the Ergo and came over and was SO helpful. So helpful that I ended up with one in my cart, along with an infant insert and sucking pads. I...
I told you that it would all be good when you saw Paula! Yay for your homebirth
I'm so happy to hear this great news.
Quote: Originally Posted by livinzoo This is our first baby. So we decided to take bradley classes. There are only 2 instructors in a hour radius of me that have classes on Sunday (we both work evenings and that is the only night we are both off). The instructor I was talking to canceled hers so now there is only one. Hopefully she doesn't cancel hers. I'm not sure what I'll do if she cancels. With my first DH and I took Bradley Classes and...
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