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I have a few questions for all of you parents out there... During the school year, what time(s) do your children go to bed? What are the ages of your children? Do your children have different bed times? I am thinking about pushing back my children's bedtimes this Fall, but thought I'd get an estimate on when other kids are hitting the hay. I know that my kids have very early bedtimes compared to their peers. Tia silly
Quote: Originally Posted by mountain Never have, never will. Actually, I was kinda surprised to see the AP population talking about enclosing their dogs in that small of a space; but I'm of the "free spirit" kinda philosophy. I completely agree. The newest member of our family ( 18 mo old jack russell mix) was actually on her way to the pound. She was crate trained and had chewed her way out of a crate as well as chewed a whole in the...
Never have, never will. We have three dogs...a180 pound mastiff, a hundred pound black lab, and a 10 pound basenji/jack russel mix.
People really, really underestimate the powers of motherhood. My ds had to be hospitalized yesterday. He has been vomitting with a 102-103 for almost a week. DH and I were there and they take his temp and let us know it's normal. I say to DH it is not normal, I can tell just by looking at him his fever is up again. He says to me "so your hand i smore accurate than the thermometer ? I say "you're GD'ed RIGHT it is. I am his MOTHER and I KNOW he is running a...
It's raining here in Portland Oregon.....I know that may be SURPRISING to some of you I think I would take rain over snow though...especially when it's almost April !
me either
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