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We hang botton down woven shirts that are tough to fold, dresses, and some pairs of dress pants. Everything else gets folded and put into a dresser. We also have one of those sweater organizers that hangs from a clothes rod. I would prefer not to hang anything, but I guess mine is the minority opinion - I finally get why houses are designed with those giant closets with a single rod across the top! Opposite of PPs, I forget about the clothes that are hanging out of...
The natural living center does sell raw milk from a local organic farm - $5/gal Having recently made a search for a primary care physician for new insurance, there are at least 3 that would not object to not getting vaxs. When you are in Bangor itself, you don't notice the hills, but driving just 5 minutes out of the town, you start to appreciate the location. Since Bangor is in the Penobscot river valley, it is not especially hilly, but it is surrounded by the...
Thanks for the lead! Update: Just for the future reference of anyone who finds this thread and is interested, DS saw Dr. Freese today, and she was very friendly and respectful.
When he had just turned three, my DS calmly informed my DH that "F*ck is another word for d*mmit." What worked for us was really working hard to (in the words of a co-worker) "Beaver Cleaver"-up our language, while reminding DS that that those are not words we say in public. Now, at 3 3/4, he hardly ever swears, but neither do we (at least in front of him...)
My family is looking for recommendations for a naturally-minded family doctor or pediatrician within a reasonable distance of Bangor. We don't vaccinate. We would rather have a family doctor for all of us, but I know that might not be possible... We have heard good things about Michael Gilmore, but he doesn't see patients my son's age (3). Any thoughts? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire ("personal" might be ok, but mentioning the vegan objection probably killed your potential case), and you probably can't prove a history of certain beliefs. Sigh. But plenty of people eat particular diets due to their religious beliefs. It could just be the that OP didn't want to divulge her objections as religious until she was forced to.... Edited to add: The root cause of both the veganism and the...
I bought a vintage A-line coat that I usedm while I was pregnant and to front-carry my January-born DS the winter he was a newborn and his one year old winter. It was fitted in the shoulders but flared out quite a bit from the bust down, and fit perfectly over DS when I left the top button undone.
Well, Harper is used for about 5 times as many girls as boys these days, but not too many for either gender http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyage...se&exact=false What about Heath? I'd suggest Henry but it looks like you prefer more modern-feeling names...
Quote: Wow, 6 months? Good grief. Well, as I think about it, he was probably a little older - he was born in the early fall and the mares were bred just as their estrus started up again in the spring. So he might have been as much as 8 or 9 months old. Regardless, everyone was shocked and amazed.
At a barn I once boarded at, a six month old colt impregnated both his own mother and my mare. I'd separate the two or have the jack gelded.
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