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For the very trimmest fit, you can't beat flat diapers with a separate cover. They have a bit of a learning curve though!
Radishes are really really good raw dipped in salty butter. You can also slice and gently saute them, which will reduce the spicyness if they're really hot.
I don't blanch kale before I saute it, I just toss it right in the pan (with the bacon fat from the slice of bacon I have just cooked. Mmmmm... kale and bacon....) I usually take it out when it is just slightly wilted, so it still has a little bit of crunch.
I saw this post on the main page and wanted to respond... My husband and I have had good luck with passionflower (passaflora) extract for our anxiety (granted, not combined with PPD). It's also a mild soporific, so it helps with sleep. We have used a couple of brands, but like Gaia Herbs the best. There's not a lot of research on passionflower, but one small study shows effectiveness equal to some prescription anti-anxiety meds without the withdrawal problems. It...
zero - DS wears his shirt to bed (or sometimes a clean one if the day's shirt is really dirty...)
Have you tried taking her to the potty when she wakes? I know that was a big part of my DS's nightwakings when he was that age. Once we started implementing some nighttime EC, he went from several night wakings to 2-3ish. We would take DS when he started to stir/fuss a little, but before he was really awake, so frequently he just fell back asleep when we got back to bed.
I flew alone on direct flights from Portland, OR to Detroit, MI starting when I was 5. By the time I was 11 - 12, I was decidedly disgruntled that I was still required to have a flight attendent assigned to me. I voted for 4-5, but really my range would probably be 5-6, for a direct flight, assuming my DS turns out anything like I was.
Disclaimer: I had a home birth with my first. But assuming I was planning a hospital birth... I wouldn't go. My labor started with my water breaking. Well, leaking actually... You are accustomed to your home germs, and the hospital is filled with foreign germs. No one will be performing vaginal exams on you at home, you will probably have many in the hospital. Many hospitals start the clock for when your baby must be born based on when your water breaks. Unless you...
I feel your pain, OP. I am in similar shoes. Although DH and I own some mutual funds, I'm not especially happy about it. Part of it is for the reason you describe, part of it is that I don't like being a part of what I consider to be an unsustainable economic system (based on annual growth) and part of it (outing myself as an official wacko here) is that I consider charging interest unethical. But at the same time, I have to watch out for my family too, and we *live*...
We are using two twins with the boxsprings on the floor - we bought one of those foam things to fill the gap between the mattresses, and covered it all up with a king size mattress pad. It works pretty well except the mattresses are different ages so DH's side sinks down more than mine. We don't like to sleep on the "crack" but it would probably be less noticeble with same-age mattresses.
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