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GEM! (Sorry, got a little excited there...)
Quote: Originally Posted by CookieMonsterMommy No one, and I mean no one (doctors, other nurses, MWs, etc) can explain to me why the heck we consider women pregnant a full 2 weeks before they even ovulate! Because most women don't know when they ovulate, and don't remember when they had sex, but many do keep track of when they expect their periods. With DS, I did my best to subvert the traditional dating since I knew exactly when I had...
I will admit to having sex in the bed with a cosleeping toddler. He sleeps pretty soundly, and we do our best to be, ahem, subtle. Sometimes I'm just not feeling the love for the couch... A few times he has woken up, which is a bummer, but what can you do?
We use nursing in recognition that often as not (especially these days at 3 years 3 months) it's as much for comfort and security and snugglies as it is for nutrition.
I have a hard time believing that the Feds could require vaxing (there would at least have to be a religious exemption, don't you think?) but I'm concerned about being required to buy private insurance and not being able to find a company willing to insure w/o vaxes. Does anyone have the facts?
We are a one car family, but we both "work" (we are graduate teaching assistants) at the same University. However, since we also tag-team care for our son, we aren't often traveling the 11 miles to school at the same time each day. Often, one of us will drive up in the morning, the other one will take the bus at lunchtime with DS, and then we will switch, with the person who drove taking the bus home and the other driving home in the evening. (our bus options are fairly...
We add sweet potatoes or rutabaga, and often use homemade chicken stock instead of milk. (We have also been known to use saved bacon fat instead of butter, but more for dairy avoidance than health!)
Yep, had a card we never really used but kept around for travelling out of the country (our main card is Discover) cancelled on us. And now, last couple of weeks, we've been getting offers to start a credit line with the same company!
Quote: Originally Posted by MaryLang I remember reading about an obscure federal law, giving people the right to have a small number of livestock, such as chickens, as long as they are being used as a food source. Regardless of city ordinance, you could cite this law. Does this strike a cord with anyone? I'm off to pour through my books now on urban farming and old almanacs. Michigan's Right to Farm Act is much broader. According to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Yooper I depends on the type of heat system. For most people, turning it off at night does save energy. If you heat with hot water radiators, it may not. The energy to reheat the water likely outweighs the benefit of not running it at night. Steam might also be in the same boat. As far as I understand, it is *always* cheaper to turn down the heat (that is, it never takes as much energy to return a house to a...
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