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If I was close by, I'd definitely join your support group!  My DS is not a first grader yet - he's 4 and has 1 more year of preschool before K.  Your kids sound very similar to my DS.  The talking NEVER ENDS!!!  The perfectionism - drives both me and him crazy, and he require perfection not just of himself, but everyone around him.  He is always correcting both kids and adults about pronunciation, grammar, facts, whatever. So far, correcting other 4 year olds, doesn't...
Kids her own age and even older will probably continue to stare at her an not respond for some time.  3 and 4 year olds still have trouble responding in-turn to DS's statement, questions, and plans for play.     I'm surprised adults don't respond!  I haven't experienced that where I am.   Maybe they are caught off guard.  I myself respond to 6 month olds, that simply smile at me, with a greeting and words.  Lots of people I have met though, tell me they never thought...
This brings back good memories :)  About 12 months for a constant stream of "What's That?"  and then the fun stuff around 16 months - I  would sing/hum(da, da, da) stuff I didn't know the words to, and DS would ask "mom, why are you dah, da dah da dahing?"   Such a funny question 
He does have sensory issues - I'm sure that's not helping.  He's also a big time perfectionist.  He's been known to smack himself in the face in frustration when he can't get the tune to a song right.  This kind of behavior really worries me.  I think he might have a long hard road of intense emotions to learn to navigate.  
Is there an age when pushing/encouraging learning on a topic that a child is not interested in goes from hothousing to OK?     Just wondering how we determine this.  For example, drilling a 2 year old on phonics so they can read early would likely be called hothousing, but if a 10 year old can't read yet, phonics lessons would not be hothousing(in my opinion anyway).
I "teach" my child all the time.  Any time I answer a why question, or point out something interesting we encounter in life, or get a book from the library on a topic he's into, I think that's teaching.  I teach as much as he's willing to listen and learn.  I think teaching is a good thing.  I wish it wasn't equated with hot housing so often, and looked down on.  
My 4 year old cries about EVERYTHING!  His feelings are hurt so easily and he takes everything so personally.  If another kid looks at him cross eyed, or someone pronounces his name wrong, or I flushed the toilet when he wanted to, or a different song came on the radio when it wasn't "supposed to" (according to him anyway) he is sobbing and whining and just can't get over it.  He will talk about it the rest of the day and the first thing when he wakes up the next...
Try telling them, "Well I was exhausted, so I sat my 18 month old in front of the TV with a bag of cheetos and let him watch the same leapfrog letter video 3 times in a row.  That's all it took."   Yeah, I did that.  My son is teaching me not to care what others think.  I used to shy away from conversation about it, but I don't want him to be ashamed or think he's different in a bad way.  So now, I give short, pleasant, truthful answers to questions and comments.  I only...
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading about the amazing independent confident teens you all have parented.  I wish my guy could stay litlle forever, but you make me look forward to the amazing adolescent he will become.  Thanks for sharing!
New one to add.  DS crashed hard while trying to get on the swing by himself.  "Owwww!!  My brain smacked my cranium when I hit the Earth's crust - wahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" Sometimes it's really hard not to laugh.
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