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JennM We've tried IUI on 4 cycles, 8 insems in all and no luck getting into the uterus. Usually the catheter will go into the cervix about an inch, then get stuck. I have a retroverted uterus, so maybe that's making it more difficult. But fingers crossed for success this time. I think an actual IUI definitely helps the chances. AngelaM Thanks for the suggestions about loans. I'll look into that. I've heard about the full bladder thing, but with a retroverted...
JenInMpls I loved to hear about your dreams! So many women have them before they get BFP's. Women's intuition is an amazing and highly underrated thing Well, we did what we said we wouldn't, and maxed out another credit card to try with frozen again. Got a +OPK today at noon and lots of EWCM. Also, this is very different for me, but I'm feeling ovulation pain I think. Its more of a deep ache than a cramp on my lower left side. My cervix is still pretty closed,...
Hi TTC1 Thanks for the info. Do you remember what board they were posting on?
mj74nanny My two vials of donor 44 will arrive tomorrow!! We should insem on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is our second attempt with this donor and our 6th attempt overall. Donor 44 has the best counts I've used so far - over 40 million motile sperm per vial, not just per ml. I think I had a chemical pregnancy with this donor last month because af was 3 days late and my temps were very high. I so hope this second try sticks. This donor has 3 kids listed at donor...
There have been quite a few bfp's since the last post on this thread. Just thought I'd bump this up a bit and keep the poll going. Maybe I'll even get to chime in with a bfp soon!
Frog I've been stalking your chart Looks like it's very rare for your temp to go up on 14dpo!
Quote: Originally Posted by frog I can overlay my chart to see if it's similar to the preggo ones. What!!!??? : I was not aware of that - definitely going to obsess over that one next 2ww! Just ordered my sperm for attempt #6. Anyone else using Midwest? Joanne has been so prompt, nice, and helpful. I'm loving my experience with this bank.
Smartycat - the first try is VERY stressful! Don't beat yourself up about it. Our first try left DW and I bickering and me in tears of frustration. Watch a funnny movie, try to laugh. I know, easier said than done.
OK, scratch that idea. He is not willing to sign his rights away so DW can adopt. He wants to be the "Dad". Back to frozen sperm until we find someone else.
Frog that is a crazy temp jump! Hope it's a good sign :
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