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Timing looks good Frog! : Thanks Tash, and good beginners luck to you too. It's so fun and exciting that first month. My temp is up again this morning : That's never happened this late in the luteal phase for me. I'm still a little sick this morning, but not like yesterday. Breasts are more sore today than yesterday. I'm off to the store to get some HPT's. I'll update this afternoon.
Sorry to leave you all hanging. Well, the test was BFN, but I have not given up hope in the least because I am now so sick that I had to go lie down. Seriously, I want to :Puke I'm having a hard time sitting here at the computer even now. I'm either pregnant, or I have the flu. The test I used was not a Early Response, and it's possible that I'm only 11DPO, so I will test again tomorrow... and the next day...and the next...until af shows up
Hi Smartycat! : I'm so anxious. I wanted to test this morning, but DW had to work till 3am so she's still sleeping. I won't test without her, of course. I just wish she'd wake up My temp's still up, breasts still sore, and ovusoft(a fertility friend type software) says triphasic today. : Just waiting for DW. . . . . . .
Does anyone find that drinking a lot causes your temp to go up the next morning? If so, by how much? I think I've noticed mine up .3 degrees off the norm. Just wondered.
So sorry Tigger Frog - Hooray for perfect timing and a grinning cervix 11DPO here and my temp went up again this morning!! I hope I'm not getting duped by my temps, but my chart just looks like a pregnant chart. AF should be here today, tomorrow, or Sunday. I will test tomorrow morning if no AF today. Please! Please! Please! let this be the month. We're flat broke and out on another break if it didn't work this time. I need a part-time job to fund this...
Be Strong KJM!!!!! Write about it all you want, but just don't do it. I'm an ex-smoker myself and I know just where you're at. What keeps me away from it are all the stories from friends who had "just one" cigarette and started back up again. Drink your decaf americano, hold a pen in your fingers, and take deep relaxing belly breathes. This too shall pass :
Do most women have pregnancy symptoms before they get a BFP or do most experience no symptoms? I hear all these stories about women having every symptom in the book starting at 5 dpo. I was just wondering if this is common or rare.
Quote: Originally Posted by frog Dearest egglet, Cute, Frog!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'll call mine egglets as well from now on - if you don't mind. Travelgirz - so sorry for the BFN. It's very, very hard.
I saw a documentary last year about a group called queerspawn that meets every year somewhere on the east coast(Mass maybe?) So maybe thats where it comes from - it is an acutal organization. Here it is http://www.queerspawn.org/
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