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Vitex gave me the strongest positive I've ever gotten on an OPK. I'm definitely pro-vitex!
I'm either 7, 8, or 9 DPO now and resisting the temptation to test. It's driving me crazy that I don't know which day O was. Fertility Friend kept changing it's mind based on my temps and what method of ovulation detection it's using - so, I over rode it and chose my own day. I have a lack of symptoms this time around, even less breast soreness than normal, so I just don't know what to think. I'm hoping I'm one of those lucky ones who is pregnant with no symptoms at...
We started out at Pacific Reproductive Services. ID release donors were our top priority. We tried 3 times with a very cute donor. That got too expensive, so we said "Oh well, we tried" and switched to the super cheap anonymous donors at Midwest Sperm Bank. I asked to see the profiles for the top 4 most fertile guys they had. We just want this to work at this point. We chose the one who said if the child had any questions, he'd be glad to answer them. He is...
Most people inseminate 12 hours past +OPK and 24 or 36 hours past +OPK. Personally, I go witht the 12 and 36 hours past +OPK timing because I tend to ovulate(as detected with temp change) 36 to 40 hours past +OPK. If you get a positive OPK tonight, I'd insem first thing tomorrow morning and then again the next morning.
Snoopy, I'm so sorry. That's such sad and scarry news. I don't even know what to think or say about it. I hope everyone is able to grieve for this little soul, and move on to celebrate the birth of your happy healthy baby in the future.
Lorenzo Vincent Jax Alexander Vivienne Suzanne Sonia Elizabeth Not that we'll be having 4 kids, we just like to have options
Thanks Wannabemoms! good info. . . I just hope that this time the OPK was + before the O:
Congrats Snoopy!! What a way to start the year MMM- the letter is wonderful! Articulate, to the point, and should cause the doctor to rethink her practices. Question: OK, I'm obsessing about my O date and whether I inseminated too late this time. Is it possible to ovulate before a +OPK, or immediately after? Fertility Friend says I O'ed on CD 15, but I didn't get a +OPK until 5pm on CD 15. Normally I O more like 36 hrs past +OPK. I just hate to think that the...
JennM - This may be a wierd suggestion, but if you can only hold your pee for 2 hours, maybe you could save the pee from 10am and combine it with the pee at noon. As long as you don't drink too much that you're diluting your urine, I don't see why the LH wouldn't be present in the same amounts as if you held it for 4 hours. You just held it in the cup instead of your bladder Maybe not the best suggestion, but worth a try if you've got an OPK laying around. Can I...
Well, it's 5:30am here and we're about to do insem #1. I guess the OPK was as + as it's going to get by yesterday afternoon. I'm just a little bummed cuz my temp is up this morning so we're probably late. Hopefully the temp increase is due to the wine I had last night, but more likely I've already ovulated Oh well, what will be will be.
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