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Oh, it is so funny when it's someone else's child.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ycoXiEDBZk   I think this father does a great job.  I aspire to be more like him.  
    I feel this same way.  I was quite sheltered and naive.  There are so many life directions and things out there that I wish I knew about before I finished college. 
Pushing implies there is resistance.  If you introduce a new topic and the kid takes off with it, that is not pushing.  If they seem frustrated, but stick with it anyway, I still don't think that's pushing.  Where I struggle with pushing or not is when I get a "I can't do it"  On one hand I want to encourage working through a challenging situation, on the other hand, I don't want to push and have DS lose interest.  An "I can't do it" usually get a response from me of...
DS just turned 3.  I yell a lot.   I'm trying hard to stop.  I have 10 books checked out from the library on different discipline strategies and the like.  I've read 5 now and not one trick is working - on to number 6.  They all mention empathizing by saying "I know you wanted _____" , and then they are supposed to be able to accept reality.  Ha!    Problem is - I have no idea what he wants!  And neither does he half the time!    And he can't stop screaming long enough...
It's too soon to know if it will actually work, but DS is now running around saying "I'm the boss of the pee!"  The power struggle seems to have turned from him against me to him against the pee (for the moment anyway).  I love it!  He feels in charge now :)  Thanks, Miranda and thanks to your DD!
Moominmama, that is fantastic logic and just what I needed!  I will be explaining this to DS tonight.
So Firefox seems to work for me.
Checking this out with Firefox.
Internet Explorer and Windows 7. I'll try a different browser and let you know if that works.
So I'm not the only not able to post a new thread because of a tag issue?
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