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Welcome, Hopingforbaby! I'm using frozen sperm, so I don't know anything about the egg buffer thingy, but I do know that all of us Trying to conceive are hanging out in the Queer TTC December thread. Come Join Us Here's the link if you're still having trouble with navigation http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=801953
When I was 22 (8 years ago), I had a dream about walking through my local mall. A little girl, about 7 years old was a short distance behind me and looking through a store window. She came running after me, caught my hand, looked up at me, and said "Mom?" as if she were about to ask a serious question. Then I woke up. The whole dream lasted maybe 30 seconds, but when I woke I felt more content than I ever had before or have since. I had the immediate thought "Oh,...
I'm certain it's the cervix I'm looking at. Mine is easier to find than most because my uterus is retroverted. This puts my cervix directly in the middle front and center.
I need some advice. . . I've tried this, put it seems that the speculum actually pulls my cervix open. I've wondered if I have it in too far. But if I pull it out a bit before I open it, I see nothing. Anyone else have this problem? Is my cervix always open as it appears, or an I "opening" it with the speculum? :
Driving 32 hrs and working 20 in 4 days time is not much fun, so I'm glad to be back home Well, today's O day, but with no insem - kind of depressing. I am happy to report that the Vitex seems to be changing my cycle for the better. I had a stronger + OPK this month than ever before, and I have EWCM today. Normally I get EWCM 5, 4, and 3 days prior to O, then I dry up. So things look promising for next month. Happy belated B-Day KJM! : Good Luck BurtsGirl!! I...
I'm leaving for Boston tonight and won't be back to MDC for about a week. So, it's up to you guys about the Taking a Break Thread. I'll show up wherever you are when I get back
BurtsGirl - So sorry I know just how you feel. I cry every time my temp begins to drop. Sometimes I just want to call the whole thing off for good. I'm taking a break over the holidays too, so I'll be right there with you if that's what you decide. Maybe a one month break will afford you an extra vile in January
I'm so sorry 2happymamas : I hope you have good friends and family around you through the holidays to lift your spirits. May the time till your next tww fly by.
STEL try this web site for insem products. http://www.zdlinc.com/zdl_insem.html#aikit Zyla I know exactly how you feel. I'm out this month because I have to go out of town for work, and possibly out next month because I should O on New Year's Eve. It's so frustrating. The only way I can deal with it is to start experimenting with vitex and soy isoflavones. Also, I can justify trying 3 vials in January (since I saved money by skipping a cycle or two ) MMM I...
I can go to taking a break for a month. Thanks Jen!
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