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Congrats 2happymammas!!!!!!!! What a way to start October!
KK I drink wine every day from CD 1 to O day. It's my consolation prize. After that I stop every bad habit in case I'm pregnant, but you know, I don't think it really makes a difference. Lots of people I know drank and smoked and did everything else until they found out they were pregnant 1 week past a missed AF. Their babies hung on and are perfect today. Maybe if we all relax more, the BFP's will just start rolling in! Wouldn't that be nice
Thanks for the timing advice everybody. I'm 30 and normally get a temp rise 43 hours past +OPK. I wish I knew how long it takes for my temp to go up after ovulating. I guess that will be my next research subject. As for the IUI timing - I've been doing some info digging and came up with these two interesting studies. . . "The best timing for an intrauterine insemination using frozen sperm is within 24-28 hours after a positive LH surge as detected by an Ovulation...
5 days before O?!! That doesn't bode well for all of us with frozen spermies. I was actually thinking I was inseminating too early. Money is tight, so DW and I are going to try an unassited at home IUI this time - just one at 30 to 36 hours past +OPK. For all of you that do IUI's with no meds at the doctors office, what is your timing? I'm very impressed with the size of our group this month!
AngelaM - I'm very excited for you!!!! My breast tenderness normally decreases by 7 DPO! : I hope you are our first Sept BFP!!!!
A chemical pregnancy is one where the egg fertilizes and starts to implant, but doesn't make it any further. It gives you enough HCG to test faintly positive, but AF shows up on time or close to on time. So, it's the earliest miscarriage you can have. Everything I've read says this happens to 50% of first time pregnancies. Women who aren't trying and testing before AF is late don't even know they were ever pregnant. I'm trying to look at it from the positive side - At...
No disrespect taken BurtsGirl. The woman who said that is in a hetero relationship, and a lot of hetero relationships I know (not all, but a lot) seem more like working partnerships to me than loving relationships. Maybe that's the difference. DW and I are WAY closer, like each other more, and spend so much more time together than she and her husband do. Maybe it will be easier for us to avoid what my friend thinks is inevitable.
I've been TTC #1 for 2 months and will try the same donor again for month 3. If that doesn't work, I'm thinking of switching donors. My current donors post thaw total motile count per vial ranges between 20 and 29 million. The sperm bank says it's a Quality 3 on a scale of 1(worst) to 5(best). Just wondering, for all you successful mama's out there what was your post thaw count and quality?
BurtsGirl- I'm stalking your chart I think you O'd CD 18 based on temps and CM, so your timing looks great! Angela M - I hope your intuition is right! My fingers are crossed for you. And if it makes you feel any better, my DW and I have been together almost 9 years and we are experiencing differing interests in the ttc process. I don't think you can help but obsess over it when it's happening to your body. I mean, there are the vitamins, herbs, teas, temps, blah...
mhiccup - so sorry you have to take October off, but two vials in November should double your chances! I hope you end up with a wonderful +hpt for a Christmas present! inimitable fran - I felt the same way after this months insems. I was very calm and just felt like OK, that was it. Trust your intuition! Good luck to all of you inseming soon! We should have lots of October BFP's!
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