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 ^This.   Once the newborn craziness settled down, I didn't think of it as "breastfeeding" anymore, - we "nursed". It was (and still is) about so much more than just the milk.   With an older nursling, I fee it is nursing if there is milk there or not. We are meeting a need our child has - a need that dissipates with time.   Congratulations for nursing your 5 year old!
My guy started to have stools the consistency of peanut butter around 5 months old. I asked around at the time, and it was pretty common for exclusively breastfed babies that age. It turned out to be a phase.  
I didn't at first but then DS lost a lot of weight and was very sleepy, so I woke every 2 hours in the day and 3 at night until he was back to birth weight. He would definitely have become dehydrated if I didn't wake him to feed (and I had to work hard to wake him too!) ETA: He's 2 now and a great sleeper.
Is he constipated? I can always tell when my DS is not getting enough fluids when his poops get hard.  
http://atlantic.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120620/breast_feed_120620/20120620/?hub=AtlanticHome   And a great interview with a lactivist about the situation here: http://atlantic.ctv.ca/?video=705159   Note: there is also a poll on the page with the interview. Right now less than 1/3 of the votes state that NIP however the mother and child feel comfortable is acceptable. Feel free to help out the "NIP is normal" vote!
I've seen it happen! Its pretty awesome to watch.  
  My DS was 12 months when I went back to work and it was hard for both of us!   Hang in there. I found (and still do a year later) that the immediate connection breastfeeding brings is a wonderful way of connecting right after work.
What parasite(s) specifically do you have? I might have a few ideas if I knew what you are dealing with.    
I should have been more explicit - many pedatricians don't know how tongue and lip ties impact breastfeeding. I've also found that posterior tongue-ties are often not diagnosed or the implications to breastfeeding not understood. Interestingly, I've had better luck with dentists than pediatricians getting tongue and lip-ties evaluated for breastfeeding issues.
Be careful with the probiotic - it took me ages to find one that was dairy and soy free for my DS.  
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