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My little guy wasn't interested until 7 months, so I didn't introduce solids until 7 months. He didn't eat anything more than a taste until 9-10 months old.   Are you familiar with kellymom? Great resource!   Here's her page on solids.
I was coming here to say pretty much what many of the PPs have said - breastmilk is an ideal liquid, no need to give anything else if you and your daughter are fine with it (as it sounds like you are!)   Sounds like you are doing really well! And now with your nursing a toddler experience you'll be able to help other Mamas through tough times, and counteract silly advice (like give cow milk instead of breastmilk, etc.)    
I love this tip! Megan please post if you decide to use the bottle warmer to scald - I'd love to hear how it goes.
Would your care giver consider wearing the baby? If you got an easy to use carrier (maybe like an ergo or a wrap if they have the patience to learn to tie it) it would take out the stress of needing to hold the baby for naps etc - as wearing a baby is so easy for both baby and care giver!
Congratulation on your pregnancy and best wishes for your birth!   Often women can have low supply with one birth and go on to have a typical supply with the next, so I hope all goes well for you!   Some ideas that may help:   An appointment with an IBCLC before birth for an initial assessment, and an appointment scheduled for asap after birth. Skin-to-skin after birth, with the first feed in the first hour after birth nursing as often as possible...
Here's a great handout about bottle feeding a breastfed baby. It talks about bottle feeding on cue - which will actually be easier for a care giver once they get the hang of reading baby's cues, because babies just don't get hungry on a schedule - especially when they are so young.   Feeding on cue will allow baby to quench his thirst and calm his hunger and sooth his fears when he needs to, and the great thing about breastmilk is that if baby doesn't finish a bottle...
Yup - sounds like my little one! Just make sure you get one where the straw dips right to the bottom of the cup, or a lot of breastmilk gets wasted!  
Joining the conversation a bit late here - but with another story of a 18-24 month old left for a week without damaging the nursing relationship. Not mine - I haven't left my DS overnight - but my friend left her 18 month old for a week away and she weaned at 2 years old with mother-led weaning, and then a while later she left her next child at 19 months old for 5 days, and that child weaned at 28 months with mother-led weaning. She felt that a week was too long after...
So good to hear that infant risk too care of you! And that you only have a few more days of the medication left.  
Megan, have you tried a straw sippy cup for milk? Like this: http://www.toysrus.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=4347873   or this: http://www.homehardware.ca/en/rec/index.htm/Indoor-Living/Housewares/Drinkware/Bottles/Closeable-Bottles/BOTTLE-W-STRAW-FOOGO-PINK-320ML/_/N-ntklg/R-I4423772   My guy caught on to the straw quickly and MUCH prefers it to an open cup or a sippy cup.    
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