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Strike.   The sudden stop to nursing points to a strike.   At that age I found I had to give some tylenol when the 1 year molar teething was really bad in order to get DS to nurse.   Other things that I found to help: nursing in his sleep; pumping as much as I could to keep up supply; being totally calm about offering to nurse - giving a "I really don't mind either way" vibe, which was hard! offering often, and in new position/places (like in the...
I haven't spoken with anyone at infantrisk, but it does seem like Thomas Hale tries to weight the risks (as they are known) of continuing to breastfeed with the medication vs the risks of discontinuing breastfeeding. For a toddler, there isn't much known about the risks of not breastfeeding, as the research just hasn't been done.   For me, I know that weaning my DS now (he's 24 months old) would be extremely hard on him emotionally, and would impact his physical...
Have you spoken to anyone at www.infantrisk.org? They may have some good ideas.  
My toddler is not high needs at all, and just last month he was exactly like you described! Nursing ALL NIGHT LONG, staying latched waaaay after I was done, etc. He's 24 months as well, and a just in the last 3-4 days things have returned to 'normal' with nursing.   I thought it was his molars, but they didn't come through, so who knows what it was.   Anyway, you are not alone!
  How frustrating for you - what an awful month you have had!   It sounds like your daughter is on a nursing strike. If you are interested, there may be ways to increase your milk and get her back to the breast. Kellymom has some good resources:   http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/   http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supply-worries/low-supply/
OP, how are things? It looks like my little guy either is getting a cold or his 2 year molars... we're all night nursing again. Ugg. But at the same time I'm so happy that I can comfort him with mama-milk!  
Have you talked to someone at www.infantrisk.org about the medications? Usually there is a way to take needed medicine and continue to breastfeed. I'd start by talking to them if I were you.   Good luck!  
    Until the next set of teeth start to come in
My little one did this for the week before he learned to walk, and then for about 6 weeks as he got his 1 year molars. It was brutal, but it did pass. My experience with disturbed night nursing in my previously calm sleeping baby means that he's going through a large developmental shift. HTH!  
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