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After about 6-8 weeks I think my little guy started to pee less often, but heavier pees. So instead of having 3 pees in 2 hours, he'd go 2-3 hours between pees, but pee the same amount of urine as combining those 3 pees before. Does that make sense?   If your little one peeing more but less often?
I agree with all of this. Physicians haven't been taught to weigh the risks of donor milk against the risks of formula - most haven't even really given donor milk much thought at all!   I too would use donor milk if I needed it, with the same caveats that Megan listed above.
I completely understand! Sorry I don't have any info on formula options - I answered the only question I knew the answer to. You may get some more info in the Life with a Babe or Nutrition forums too.  
Infant milk and 1 year old milk are much much closer to each other than any type of formula or other milk is to either of them.  
It sounds like normal 7 month sleep to me!   My doc told me that it is biologically normal for babies to suck while sleeping, and also biologically normal for them to wake/stir every 90 min or so and nurse. She was reassured by this behaviour and gets more concerned when babies sleep in a really deep sleep and don't stir or nurse at a young age.   I don't know where my doc got this info, but it sounds rational to me and fits the pattern of most breastfed babies I...
I know what you mean. My first thought when I heard about this was "why are we even hearing about this?" Usually these decisions are all made in a back room somewhere and only the finished product is seen by the public. It makes me think that someone with an agenda may have leaked it - and sadly with success if that was the case.  
Ouch!   That sounds like it may be mastitis - here's a good kellymom page with info that can help you to decide.   If it is mastitis it is really important to keep nursing on that side - if the breast doesn't get drained it gets worse.   I was told to give non-antibiotic treatments 24 hours to work, and if there was no improvement to take antibiotics, as mastitis that isn't quickly treated can abscess - which can damage breast tissue and decrease milk...
Can you bring your son with you and have someone care for him at the gym or close by? That way you could nurse just before you work out, and then just after, and you wouldn't interrupt your 2-3 hour pattern.   If that is not an option and you are going to be away for 4 hours, you have several options.   You could express some breastmilk and leave it for him. His care provider could feed it to him in an open cup, or a straw cup, or a sippy cup.   You could...
I don't think there was any demonizing happening. Here's an explanation from La Leche League Canada. http://www.lllc.ca/rugby-player-and-bottle   To me it makes sense for a government health promotion ad to have health promoting images and messages in it.
Remember that many probiotics are grown on dairy, so finding a dairy-free probiotic is important if you think that dairy may be an issue.
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