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I had to build up to blocks of 10 hours before was under control.   Hang in there!  
I know that Bactrim (Septra) is used to treat UTIs in babies (a good friend's 3 month old had to have it) so that may be another option. Have you looked up Cipro in Hale's?   http://www.infantrisk.com/ would give great info too.   Hope you feel better soon!
Thanks, everyone!   The flight was fine, and the umbrella stroller made it with no issues other than trying to open it after getting off the plane, with one hand, while holding a sleeping toddler, as a PP mentioned!        
I hadn't thought of that - thanks! Also I will make sure all the wheels are locked on!  
I have no experience, but I am sure someone does. Keep asking (just bump this thread) and you'll get some answers.     (PS. At least you have one breast that you know is herpes free - that will allow you to nurse full time on that breast if you had to. But hopefully you don't!)  
Good luck, and hang in there!
Thanks! This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. DS is getting big to carry for miles in the airport while I also lug the bags, car seat etc., so I hope that a stroller will help.   Did you fly out of Toronto? I hope the baggage handlers aren't too grumpy this week! (We're flying Air Canada...)
I've travelled a lot with DS but never taken a stroller before. I'm hoping that someone can tell me about checking an umbrella stroller at the gate... Did the stroller survive?   Thanks!
I take claritin (loretadine) for allergies with no supply issues. (But I never had low supply.)   I agree with the PP that the decongestant part (pseudoephedrine) is usually what's blamed for loss of supply.
I have no info about Delta, but wanted to join you in your determination to NIP while flying.   My DS is 22 month old, and we are at the age where mama-milk is the magic calming elixir of happy toddlerness. At the edge of a meltdown, mama-milk will turn the situation around.   So we will nurse on the plane, as I am sure the other passengers would prefer a happy (quiet) milk-loving dude to the ear-splitting seat-kicking demon he can become. I certainly do!
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