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It's the age and she shares communal toys at daycare so you really don't need to work on this. It will happen with age. Even two year old children play by each other instead of with each other. Once she's old enough to find the friend more important than her things she'll share, probably by 2.5 or 3 for short periods of time.  Playing with an older child works well because the older child plays with the younger one, not their toys.  
We have a Nautilus and had to change it to the high back booster mode a couple of months after DD turned 5. She was about 57 pounds. She's 45.5 inches tall right now at almost 5.5 but I'm not too sure how tall she was then. Her torso is long though and she does wear a bigger size in shirts and dresses than she does pants.
It sounds like she can't think when she's upset. Is she waking up during the night and wanting to listen to audio books? Maybe she finds it scary being the only one up so she wants the noise of an audiobook. If she's afraid of being awake in the quiet by herself that could explain the screaming. Also needing food is a probable idea. We're quiet after someone is asleep too. I often wake stuff with close caption and our houses acoustics are normal. Since she started...
  I agree with this. Also many 5 year old's seem to go through some emotional stuff. My 5.5 year old DD was having some issues with over reacting and getting angry/upset easily when she first turned 5. I taught her some techniques for calming herself, mainly using slow breathing and visualization. Maybe if trying to negotiate with your DD makes things worse, explaining and sympathizing might work better. Maybe she  feels things are unfair because her siblings have...
Check with the hospital not the dentist. Especially if it's a pediatric hospital they will know a lot more than your dentist. With my DD it was 5 hours.  
You should have your DH try giving her milk or whatever you are planning on him giving her when he's alone with her. You could start pumping and try to have some expressed milk. It will work better if your DH sets an alarm and wakes up to feed her right before she would usually wake for a nursing session. Also she might want to nurse constantly when you get back or she might have a nursing strike or just be really demanding.   I and my 5 year old DD stayed with my...
If you've been living separately from your XH and have separate household expenses and you've contributed over half of your children's support you can file head of household. It doesn't matter if you are divorced or not.
I can see how the dynamic could be bullying with a 4 and 7 year old. Does your 4 year old have her own space that her sister isn't allowed? Or can she say "I want to play by myself" and it will be respected. Maybe just stepping in yourself in a non negative way could work. Sort of "Your sister wants to do xyz, come help me do something else.".   I was lucky that my younger pesty sister was very social so she had neighbors and friends coming over from school from...
My younger sister used to do all the stuff your older DD is doing. I thought she was a pest and annoying but not a bully. It didn't stop until we were teens, but it never happened when my sister had friends over to play. Your oldest likes playing with someone all the time and your younger DD likes playing alone sometimes. Have you tried letting your 7 year old have a friend over?
I bet the school nurse wore gloves.
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