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  She can't be up to date in her knowledge if she is recommending CIO. There are years of hard research that chronic exposure to the stress hormone cortisol in babies causes neurological damage, that in turn make a person prone to several stress related adult diseases. The APP now recommends responding to your babies right away and feeding on demand based on this research.  The father of CIO Ferber no longer recommends CIO because of this research. There's even a...
My DD calls her imaginary friends ghosts or ghostgirls. We've never talked about what people mean by the word. She's gotten the idea that ghosts are invisible or maybe pretend, from halloween books. Just because she's using the word ghost doesn't mean it's anything more than an imaginary person. Lately she's had an invisible wolf friend who was at the dinner table because he didn't have enough to eat in the forest.
Wow, your pedi is very behind in research on the effects of CIO. Even Ferber no longer recommends it. Here's a link on the damage stress hormones do http://www.naturalchild.org/guest/linda_folden_palmer2.html . And here's a link to the site of an actual baby sleep expert http://nd.edu/~jmckenn1/lab/ .   
The in office oral sedation works well and it's alot cheaper. Was he using nitrous or anything when he tried before?    
It depends on what we've been doing. I've usually wash my hands while or before cooking dinner. Sometime DD has just washed her hands because she's been painting or playing with glitter and glue. We do usually wash our hands at restaurants because of how nasty door nobs get. We live in a dry sort of cool climate so there aren't a lot of parasites in the dirt in the back yard. When I lived in a warmer, subtropical, climate we always washed our hands after playing with dirt.
Sometimes "Life as a Parent" or "Single Parenting" or tonight for example "Birth and Beyond" are marked private just like the actual private forum "surviving abuse". When I clicked on it "Unassisted childbirth" was marked private. The threads always show even though the forums are listed as private. It happens often, several times a day and changes as I read through the threads. I'm using Firefox on a mac.
Have you tried leaving expressed milk for your DS? Does he always nap when you take care of him during the day? Many 2 years stop taking naps.
The couple of times it's come up I mention the neurological damage stress hormones do. Here's a link to an article http://www.naturalchild.org/guest/linda_folden_palmer2.html . I've also mentioned that my 5 year DD now sleeps on her own for 10 hours a night with no issues at all, not even nightmares, and slept a good solid 9 hours in a row after all her teeth came in at 2.5. 
 We actually turn off all the lights like we're all going to bed as part of my 5 year olds bedtime, then we brush teeth, before going to bed. If we want to still be in the living room or kitchen we can always turn stuff back on. It's just easier if DD knows nothing interesting is still going on.  When we were still co-sleeping I'd just go to bed with her and then get back up if I wanted to. I don't know how much difference it makes, but using her own bed and room was...
I really like Margot Sunderland's The Science of Parenting. The book is more about how our parenting effects neurological development, but it has excellent information on normal development and the causes of misbehavior. It's a really great book for understanding your child and preventing and dealing with misbehavior. Our local library had it and I've bought a couple of copies on amazon. Here's a link...
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