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Just wanted to jump in and say that I have been doing this for about 2 months now and have lost about 23 lbs. I have about 6 billion more to lose though so it's not that remarkable. I seem to have plateaued? I am doing 1 TBS of each 3 times per day. Any thoughts on what I should do now? I really do love it because I have SO much more energy and don't crave sweets which is amazing.
Yeah I am gonna skip it. I just found all of the great free homeschooling links we have here! That should give me plenty to do for a very long time. Thanks for helping me work through my question.
So I got a couple of emails back right away today from her. I googled her name and came up with some stuff. She no longer accepts paypal, I would have to mail her check or M.O. I am still a little up in the air about it. It seems like it is all hit or miss with her. IDK but I feel like I should be doing something pretty soon. My daughter has been out of school for about a month. Does anyone have recomendations on an Enki like program for older kids?
I did google it but didn't find anything. Thank you for the info though. I was just about to do it!
I have emailed a couple of times with no response. Crap. It looked really cool. I have recently pulled my daughter out of school and I haven't really done anything with her yet but just let her settle. I want something holisitically geared. I don't know....
I am looking at their curriculum. Has anyone tried it? Do you know of a better one along the same lines? I think someone mentioned it here before but by the time I saw it I couldn't read it anymore. PM me if you need to. Thanks!
I actually live 7 miles from Farmington and know from experience that if you are looking for a natural based birth, you aren't going to get it at either one of those hospitals. You will have to stay home and do it or head up to North. Good luck.
My 2 year old always says "mmmm, ice cream!"
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