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I wore a tie dye shirt one day. Sat in front a few times. I didn't ask questions. hmm? I think I know who you are. Were you in Britta's group exercise outside at the picnic table? I stayed down in the birthing cabin which was cool because I gave birth there about 19 months ago.
I kept thinking I wonder which one is Feminine Earth! ha! I feel like I can't even write about the experience because I can't even begin to find the words for it. It was amazing.
I am taking the doula workshop as well. I thought it would be great because I am interested in both. I noticed that too about the rideshares. Did I mention that I can't wait??...
Quote: Originally Posted by feminine_earth I just have to bump this up because the workshop is in THREE WEEKS as of today!!! Is anyone else as excited as me?!?! I am, I am! I think it is going to be an experience...
Weigh in here today too and I went down 4.7! I almost cried I was so thrilled. Weigh ins seem to encourage me that I can do it another week.
I am talking about the cabin at Pamela's house. Not the one at the clinic.
I just wanted to say that I have stayed in Pamela's cabin and it's great. It has a regular bathroom with only a shower, no tub. And the kitchen it fully equipped with a stove,fridge and sink. It is small but has everything you will need. Hope that helps...
Okay Ladies, I had the big weigh in night tonight and even with all of my nursing points and one day totally off the wagon I still lost 2.6 lbs!! I was thinking all week that there would be no way I would lose weight with all of those points but the leader said just enjoy them while you can. So I know I could of done better but I am still pleased.
I joined WW last week and I get 43 points on the flex plan. That seems like a lot of points and hasn't been hard at all. So I am curious to see if I loose any weight. I am breastfeeding by the way. First weigh in was 255. Weigh in is Thursday evening.
Can I join too? I am going to joing WW tomorrow. Mimiharshe-This is so funny. I started raw at the same time as you, quit the same time as you, decided to eat whole healthy foods and not worry about it so much when you did and then I checked you blog today after deciding to give WW a try and look-we are starting WW about the same time too. Also our husbands have the same name. Can you believe that? Anyway-hope this works! I am gonna be so embarrassed to weigh in.
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