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What about clumping bamboo?
Does anyone know of a good place to buy bamboo? How difficult is it to grow?
Zoo Loo Naturals-In your pics it looks like you have 5 children, is that right? I have 4 and have thought about this and wondered how it would work with so many children. Do tell me more!!
I only eat organic. Lots of fruit and veggies. I had been vegetarian for a while. Now I switch back and forth between vegan and raw vegan. So I don't know what it would be?? Any ideas?
Thank you SO much. That makes me feel so much better! I have been going crazy with the waiting. What would I do without you mammas?!
No one huh...thats not making me feel better! Uh-Oh
My baby has his 2 top and 2 bottom front teeth. Now he has 2 molars on top and two molars on the bottom errupting. Strange!
I just had an ultrasound done on my thyroid and it shows that I have a goiter on both sides and multiple thyroid nodules. Some are liquid filled cysts and some are solid. Has this happened to anyone here? I am feeling nervous about it. They want to biopsy. Both of my sisters had/have goiters. One of whom has unrelated cancer (T-cell lymphoma?) and had hers removed a few weeks ago because of cysts too. Pleas share your experience with me. I also have a nursing 16 mo. old....
Raw Freedom Community is a great one.
Does anyone know if you can buy raw bread from somewhere? I am newly raw and would like to buy some because I don't have a dehydrator. Thanks! Kristi
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