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Okay ladies, I am jumping on board too. I just ordered the book. I have a 14 month old and need to lose at least 65 pounds too. I have tried everything! If this doesnt work then I am going to try to gain wait and do a reverse osmosis. just kidding!
We eat soy a few times a week. I always keep in mind that the same "health professionals" that are telling me soy is evil are the same "health professionals" that are telling me that I can't birth on my own, must vax, must circ. I know a whole community who consume tons of soy and all are perfectly healthy and to be honest quite a bit healthier that anyone else I have seen. I say go with your intuition, only you know whats right for you.
coloradomama1- yes! that is the one I was looking for. Thanks so much, can't wait to make them...On my way to the kitchen now.
That's right! I saw it on your blog. I am officially crazy now. ha. But thanks so much for the reminder!
I am looking for the recipe for green lemonade. Made with kale and lemons and I am not sure what else. I saw it on here not too long ago and want to try it!! Thanks!
I went shopping and MEANT to get Tahini but got Tamari instead. What is it and what do I do with it?
I can not believe this!! I so thought I was the only one and that I was crazy. I can hardly answer the phone even when it is family. I have no idea why, but it is horrible!!
No news is good news?? We are all cheering for you!!:
I have been looking for a recipe i saw here that had dates, coconut, nuts and i think dried fruit in it. You mixed it in a food processor and it was a healthy snack. Anyway I cant find the recipe can anyone help? Thanks! Kristi
Were you specific on how slow you wanted labor to be with baby? Just take your off time and rest up for the immenent birth of your baby. Don't worry about it, your body had already started doing it's GOOD work. Things are obviously happening so it is not for nothing! Don't lose hope, we cant wait to hear the good news!
New Posts  All Forums: