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I've noticed she has been quiet too. I hope you are holding your sweet new babe right now and that you had the birth you dreamed of and planned for!!!
Go with your gut. At almost 42 weeks along, I had a midwife that pressured me into doing both of those things that yours is suggesting and now I regret giving in. I know I would have done fine without it and you will too. Babies always come out when they are ready. Have you ever heard of anyone staying pregnant because they didn't go into labor at 40 weeks? No. Hold steady in the faith that your body is not a lemon and it will do what it was designed to do and it will do...
One year for me today too!!! Congratulations!
I have read those threads but none of them seem to address the issue of so many kids. I know it could easily be done with 1 child but I am talking 4. We are not usually a shut yourself in your room type of family so being together is not an issue for us. IMO everything goes smoother when we are all living closely with each other. And yes I think I would like to live there permanatly. I also can't seem to wrap my mind around how big a 30 ft. yurt is. Some that I see (online...
I snuck a blank one out of my Ped's office. They keep them in the room and I was getting nosey while waiting. : I have for the record decided not to use it. For some of the reasons listed and some not. Like if there is a breakout of something in school I do want them to call and notify me so that I can decide what I want to do then i.e. remove them from school for that period of time... That's funny though I thought I was the only one who considered this. ha!
My family is thinking of purchasing a yurt next year to live in. We have 4 children and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with kids in a yurt. (Good or bad) Do you think a 30 foot yurt would provode sufficient room or have another suggestion? We will be selling our home and want to live debt free because of the circumstances that we will be placing ourselves in. A yurt looks like something that would be affordable to us. Thanks for any info! Kristi
I bought some Polenta (and some couscous too)and don't kow what to do with either one. Any yummy suggestions? Thanks! Kristi
Finally someone else! I haven't lost any of the weight I gained and in fact have gained 35 pounds since I have given birth! I tried the weight watchers but it seriously reduced my milk supply. I don't know what to do either but get used to it because I don't think baby is going to wean anytime soon. He is almost a year now. We are vegetarian and only eat healthy organic food too so it's not me filling up on junk food either. It seriously sucks. I hate being this size.
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