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I'm having fun with cloth diapers, slings, and wool (yarn) for me to knit soakers with. I've actually been on some kind of yarn spree lately cause I want to knit so many cute baby things. We also got a moses basket recently for when the baby naps downstairs - we feel odd leaving the baby upstairs if we're down (first time parents and all).
UC here. At home (er, in the condo) with my partner. We're really excited about the birth!
Honestly, I'd be a single mom in that situation. He won't give up pot for you or the baby. He has to give it up for himself. Until then, until that moment where he says "I want to do this for me" ... it's not going to happen. I'm sorry. I smoke pot occassionally, i.e. once or twice a year with friends in upstate NY. But, that's it. And I never spend money on it (they grow their own). So, I'm not against things like this ... it just sounds like he's addicted. Single...
We go back and forth on the co-sleeping issue. The thing is, BOTH of us love our space and love to move around at night. I could never even sleep with pets because I was always half awake, paranoid that I'd crush the cat. I just know I'll be like this with a newborn, constantly only half asleep, constantly jerking myself awake ... yea, I might pass on that whole thing. So, I understand. We're getting a bassinet just in case (as we're still not firmly decided either way...
I voted "other." It would depend on the circumstance. If I'm just visiting some people I could visit at another time - then, no. I can't stand airplane travel and security at airports. Doing that with a newborn, and being 4 weeks post birth ... no thanks. If it's family who is sick/dying ... then, I'd go. If I REALLY want to take this trip, then I'd go. But, I'm too much of a recluse to actually want to subject myself to plane travel, lol.
I'll take the hot climate. So much easier, I think. I could grow my own food year round. Keeping it fresh ... well, I'll do what people did traditionally (preserves, spices, canning, smoking, etc.). Plus, I don't mind going vegetarian. Everything else is just a matter of canning.
I think people are neither. Their actions define who they are. Which means, they always have a choice to either do good or do bad. It comes down to their moral compass. Do they have honor, integrity, a value system, a moral compass? If so, chances are their actions will be good - regardless of the situation. If not, chances are, their actions will be bad. A lot of people fall somewhere in the middle, i.e. they have a moral compass but choose to ignore it in some...
I bought my first car. When I was 22, lol. We lived in the city in apartments so cars were not needed. But, even if we had lived in a house, no way would my mom have gotten me a car. I worked pretty much from age 15 onwards (part time) to afford my own stuff beyond necessities. If I wanted something, I had to get it myself.
Oh, I am not domestic at all. There are so many other things I'd rather do than chores, i.e. write, pursue publishing. Actually, I only do laundry and dishes (I enjoy those as mindless chores after writing). My partner cleans, cooks, vacumes, and pretty much does everything else. If he left it up to me, nothing would ever be clean except dishes and laundry. For some reason, I just don't mind dust and dirty floors.
All I meant by mentioning retirement communities is to give an example of a variety of apartment/condo communities. I mentioned others. I was responding to your comment on the legal aspect of it. Certain communities fall under a different set of laws, which is why my lease is able to have that in it. Whereas other apartment complexes (not within an intentional "noise free" community) can't. It's the first time I've lived in one, at any rate. Growing up we lived in regular...
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